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FBI agent fatally shot the kidnapping victim during a failed raid near Houston

HOUSTON – An FBI agent fatally shot the victim of a kidnapping during a raid early Thursday at a Houston home, authorities said.

FBI spokeswoman Christina Garza said the agent shot the man shortly before 4 a. M. During an "operation" in the house. The man, whose name was not immediately disclosed, later died in a hospital.

Police in Conroe, about 40 miles north of Houston, confirmed that the man had been kidnapped and held for a ransom.

"The system failed, whether accidental or not, the man does not go home with his family," said Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis.

Two men and one woman were charged with aggravated kidnapping, police said. Men are also accused of aggravated robbery.

Police said the men broke into a house in Conroe and kidnapped the man. His 12-year-old son called the police, who called the FBI for help.

The FBI followed cell phone signals to a motel near Houston, where two suspects, both men, were found.

The suspects directed FBI agents and police officers to a house where another suspect, a woman, was found, along with the man who was held captive. Other people, including children, were also at home, according to the authorities.

It is not clear what led to the shooting. Garza said the officer who fired the fatal shot is on administrative leave pending an investigation. Garza said in a statement that a Shooting Incident Review Team arrived in Houston and will provide a report to the Department of Justice and the local police department.

"The FBI takes shooting incidents that involve our agents very seriously and, as such, have an effective and proven process to address them," he said.

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