Fausi rejects suggestion to delay second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci dismissed Sunday’s suggestion that a delayed second COVID-19 vaccine dose in the US could give so many Americans their first shot – the nation’s supply problem long before researchers were able to study the proposal Will be solved by

“If you really want to study it – the longer it takes, the more people will have to study – by that time, we’ll already be in the arena of having enough vaccines to go around,” Fauci told NBC’s ” Told host Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press”.

“It would be nice to know, if you give just one dose, how long the durability lasts, and what the level of effect is, but what we have right now, and what we should do, is scientific data that we’re Accumulated, “

The comments from a top infectious disease doctor came in response to expert Michael Osterholm, who suggested last week that delaying the second shot to give more first doses could prevent an estimated “Category 5” storm-like rise in cases.

Fossey said the country’s vaccine supply problem is likely to be resolved before Osterholm’s proposal is effectively studied.

“I would be great to study, but I don’t think we can do it at one time,” he told Tod.

The host pressed on what is called the “survival-of-the-best” vaccine delivery process, with Fauci saying supplies would increase “substantially” in the coming weeks and months.

He said that from February to March, things are getting better in April, because the number of vaccine doses will increase significantly.

But Fauci declined to answer explicitly whether public schools should immediately resume person instruction – despite recent comments from the CDC director that they could safely reopen.

He instead urged President Biden to pass the “American Rescue Act”, which includes funding to reopen the school.

“We want to open K-to-8 schools within the next 100 days,” Fauci said, noting that COVID-19 transmission between elementary and middle school students was lower than that of high school students.

He said, “What they need is some help.” So we want that achieved through the American Rescue Act, so that schools have the capacity – with masks, with the ability to get better ventilation, all the things you want to do. “