Fauci: ‘We have to assume now that the British virus strain’ can do more harm ‘

Anthony FauciAnthony FauciAstraZeneca vaccine distribution begins in Brazil Biden and UK Prime Minister discuss NATO, shows multilateralism preview during Sunday’s call: All eyes on Biden administration to deal with coronovirusThe country’s top infectious disease specialist said a new, more viral strain of coronovirus is more lethal than recent data reported by the British government, but US officials said the numbers themselves need to be investigated.

Asked by CBS’s Margaret Brennan about her earlier claims that the strain was more contagious, apparently no fatal, Fauci said: “The figures that came out were all along saying that it was Was not more fatal. That’s why we got this information. “

“When British investigators looked more closely at the mortality of a certain age group, and they found that it was one per thousand … and then it increased to 1.3 per thousand in a certain group,” Fauci said. “This is a significant increase. So the most recent data is consistent with what the Brits are saying. We want to see the data ourselves, but we have every reason to believe them. They are very capable groups. “

Fauci said that Americans “now need to believe that there is a definite increase in what is circulating prominently in Britain that we call the virus, that is, the power of the virus causes more harm, including death.”

Fauci separately stated that another tension arising in South Africa said, “In some cases [the strain] Reduces vaccine efficacy ”but the vaccine was still effective.


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