Fauci to testify before US House COVID-19 panel after being blocked by White House

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Drs. Anthony Fauci attended a roundtable with US President Donald Trump during a visit to the national headquarters of the American Red Cross in Washington, US, July 30, 2020. REUTERS / Carlos Baria

Washington (Reuters) – America’s top infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci will testify before the Coronovirus Subcommittee in Congress on Friday, with President Donald Trump’s administration refusing to address the panel.

Fauci’s testimony comes at the end of a week when the tragic toll of the epidemic on the country has cleared. The United States experienced its 150,000th death from the disease on Wednesday – more than any other country – and data showing a deeper economic situation on Thursday.

Democrats said the Trump administration initially barred Fauci from testifying to the panel, saying he was unavailable for the entire month of July and only after House Majority Whip James Clibb wrote to Vice President Mike Pence Was related

Six Republicans and a veteran of the Democratic administration, Fauci has become the most familiar face of the administration’s coronovirus task force.

This week, Trump, who has often taken a stand against the advice of scientists to respond to the epidemic, has praised Fauci, saying that “nobody likes me.” This can only be my personality. ”

Director of Disease Control and Prevention of America Dr. Robert Redfield and Admiral Brett Girir, assistant secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services, are also scheduled to testify before the subcommittee’s selection on the coronovirus crisis.

Powered by Clyburn, the subcommittee was created this year to monitor billions of trillions of dollars approved by Congress to aid the COVID-19 epidemic for the health and economic impacts of United States weather.

Earlier this week, Trump tweeted a post accusing Fauci and Democrats of suppressing the use of the drug hydroxychloroquine to treat the new coronovirus that included a link to a video of a group that faces during the epidemic Used to exempt the need for masks. The tweet was removed by social media companies.

Reporting by David Morgan; Editing by Scott Malone and David Gregorio

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