Fauci: The Trump administration’s Kovid strategy was ‘very possible’ cost life

Former President Donald Trump faced significant criticism in the final year of his presidency for his epidemic response, which often wandered under the guidance of his administration’s health officials and often roamed the bizarre area.

From the initial phase of the epidemic, Trump regularly endangered the Kovid-19 facing Americans and often predicted that the US would soon defeat the virus, even cases around the country. He opposed the best practices recommended by his own public health team, with thousands more, wearing a mask in public and holding mass rallies, both indoors and outdoors.

Trump repeatedly used the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Kovid-19, although there is no evidence of it being effective. At one point last spring, he suggested that Americans should inject themselves with disinfectants to combat the virus.

Fauci’s regular appearance at the White House coronavirus briefing made him a household name as an epidemic, but his relationship with Trump quickly soured as the NIAID chief called the then-president’s inconsistent and periodically dangerous Kovid – 19 refused to fall in line with the rhetoric. Trump called Fauci an idiot and a “disaster”, saying, “If we listened to them, we would have 700,000 [or] 800,000 deaths. “Trump accused Fauci and other health officials of exaggerating the severity of the epidemic, and criticized the officials, saying masks were not necessary.

As the epidemic wore on, Fauci’s appearance in the White House was reduced, as was the contact between the two men.

Fauci said in a press conference with White House press secretary Jane Saki on Thursday that her work with the Biden administration had been “free” so far. Fauci has said that the Trump administration prevented him from making a presence in some media and that the White House obstructed the flow of public health information.

“You didn’t think you could really say anything and there would be no result about it,” Fauci said at the news conference on Thursday. “One of the new things in this administration is, don’t guess if you don’t know the answer.” Just you don’t know the answer.

Fauci said in an interview on Thursday that there is “complete transparency” under the Biden administration.

On CNN Friday, he also said that there was a coronovirus strategy under the Trump administration, but it was “not well clear.”

“The secession of the federal government and the states … was really a wound,” Founi said on CNN. “You don’t want the federal government to do everything and you don’t want states to do everything.” … What we saw was saying a lot, ‘OK States, do what you want to do.’ And states were doing things that clearly were not the right direction. ”

Biden’s Kovid-19 strategy instructs FEMA to establish “maximum cooperation between the federal government and the states” to establish the Kovid-19 liaison and to include reimbursement of states for using the National Guard in relief operations .

“The best thing is that there is a plan, the federal government interacts with the states in a synergistic, collaborative, cooperative way, helping them with resources and helping them with a plan, as well as personal issues. Respects that any individual situation can happen, ”said Fauci.

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