Fauci says that America cannot deny that the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreak

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday when asked if the US has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world.
  • “Yes, it’s quantitative. If you look at it, it is. I mean the number is not a lie,” Fauci said.
  • Fauci’s remarks on Wednesday are in sharp contrast to the recent rhetoric of President Donald Trump, who has defended his administration’s handling of deaths and cases in dealing with the epidemic.
  • Trump has reiterated the impact of COVID-19 in the US.
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The country’s top expert on infectious disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci was adamant on Wednesday that the American Coronavirus outbreak was the worst in the world.

“We are not 5% of the world’s population, yet represent 20-25% of the world’s infections … I mean, that must be the worst. Isn’t it the worst?” CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta asked Fauci during an interview.

“Yes, it’s quantitative. If you look at it, it is. I mean the number is not a lie,” Fauci said.

His words directly underlined the misleading and stunning picture President Donald Trump has sought to paint around the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, in a sweeping effort to mitigate the failures of his administration in response to the epidemic. Is part of.

“Every nation has suffered. We, the United States … have suffered more than anyone or worse than anyone,” Fauci said Wednesday. “I mean when you look at the number of infections and the number of deaths, it’s really quite related.”

“Not trying to seriously suppress any demographic group, it will continue to smolder and smolder and smolder,” Fauci said.

As of Wednesday, there were more than 4.7 million deaths of COVID-19 in the US and about 158,000 deaths according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins. No other country in the world has more numbers.

Fauci’s remarks on Wednesday contrasted with Trump’s recent rhetoric on the US outbreak.

In a disastrous interview with the Axis, which aired on Monday, Trump replied “You can’t do that” when his interviewer pointed to America’s disgusting record of COVID-19 deaths per capita.

Trump has minimized the impact of COVID-19 in the US from the beginning, which public health experts say contributed to the outbreak of control across the country.

But the president is not changing course.

In a comment on “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday, Trump said that COVID-19 was spreading to a “relatively small part” of the country, when numbers showed it was spreading at an alarming rate.

Polls show Trump’s approval ratings have fallen amid the epidemic of Trump. The president recently questioned why Fauci, who is in the White House Coronaires Task Force, has higher approval numbers than him.

Trump said, “It’s kind of curious: a man works for us, with us, very closely, even Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birks, who are thought of a lot. And yet they are very much Think, but nobody likes me, ”Trump said. “It can only be my personality, that’s all.”

Trump has often denied Fauci and acted in such a way that his expertise is rejected.

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