Fauci gets his second coronovirus shot

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, approximately 2.5 million children in the US have tested positive for Kovid-19 as of 14 January.

Last week alone, 211,466 new child cases were identified through trial, the report said. This is an 18% increase in baby Kovid-19 cases over two weeks. Children represent 12.6% of cases in the US.

Children made up between 6% and 19% of those tested for Kovid-19, and 7.3% to 27% of children tested were positive for coronovirus, depending on the state.

remember: Children are still much less likely than adults to develop severe symptoms of Kovid-19 or die from the disease. Based on information provided by 24 states and New York City, the total reported hospitals for Kovid-19 represented 1.2% to 2.8% of children. Only 0.2% to 3.1% of all cases of Kovid-19 on hospitalization of children.

Twelve states reported zero child deaths in 43 states providing data on Kovid-19 mortality. Of all confirmed cases of Kovid-19 in states that reported a fatal case, no more than 0.06% of deaths occurred in children.


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