Fauci: COVID vaccine rollout needs to be given priority to people of color

Infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci highlighted the need to address racial disparities in the COVID-19 vaccination process, according to an interview with The New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday.

what is he saying: “I think that’s the one thing we’ve got to be really careful about. We don’t want that in the beginning … most of the people who are getting it are otherwise, well, middle class blondes . “

“You really want to bring this to people Those who are really the weakest… You do not want a situation where people really need it, because of where they are, where they live, what their economic status is, that they do not have access to the vaccine. “

  • “You have to be fully respected The minority population hesitates. They keep coming back and recounting the history of Tuskegee, “said Biden’s chief medical officer, referring to a situation in the 1930s in which the federal government refused to treat black people in Alabama with syphilis Gave and secretly documented how the disease destroyed their bodies over the decades.
  • “They can’t, and shouldn’t Forget about it, because it happened and it was embarrassing. “
  • Biden’s chief medical advisor noted That health officials should convince people of color The security measures that have been taken since then … would make it essentially impossible for a Tuskegee situation to regenerate. “

big picture: Caitlin Owens of Axis writes that in 16 states have released vaccinated statistics by race, with white residents often vaccinated at rates two or three times higher than black residents.

  • People of color are at a higher risk for contracting coronavirus and also have higher COVID-related mortality than white people.
  • Communities of color also have fewer pharmacies per capita, making it more difficult to vaccinate, and they mistrust the process due to previous medical malpractice.
  • Immigrants who are not fluent in English face additional barriers to use.

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