Fauci and Birks told interviewers about the ‘nonsense’ of the Trump years

When Michael McCall, a Republican congressman from Texas, announced that he would vote against President Trump’s second impeachment earlier this month, he hinted that he might regret it someday.

McCall said he wanted more time to review “facts and evidence” about the events leading up to the Capital Riot. He said that he opposed impeachment “at this time” but added, “I am really afraid that there may be more facts in the future that would put me on the wrong side of this debate.”

She said that my mind was rocked all weekend. The public is learning new facts about three different threads of the Trump presidency: Trump’s last-ditch coup attempt; Insured that led to impeachment; And his misunderstanding of the epidemic.

“It was worse than we knew” is the takeaway …

Dr. Deborah Birx speaks

Coordinator of Trump’s Kovid-19 task force, Dr. Deborah Birks gave an in-depth interview with Margaret Brennan of CBS. Aired on “Face the Nation” Sunday morning and the full 89-minute interview is now online, both in video and text. Among many new bits: She says she almost never saw or spoke with Trump. She says she was getting “a parallel set of data and graphics” that she was not privy to. Brennan asked if it was “dissolution”, but Birks did not reply.
The Beer Confederation of Birks conducted a comprehensive investigation on Sunday. Dr. on reliable Seema Yasmin’s response: “It looks like he is now on a national amnesty visit, but where was his suspicion … when he was in administration and he had the stage and position, presumably at least, to be honest to the public. ? ” Maggie Haberman also provided her insights On twitter: “A lot of reporters tried to talk to Birx while he was there. He wasn’t interested. And when she spoke in public early, she appeared in a lockup” with Trump …

“Skunk at picnic”

I think we will keep learning more and more how Trump’s denial of Kovid hurt the nation.

NYT’s Donald G. During the weekend. McNeil Jr. dr. Anthony went on for a long time about Trump’s life with Fauci, and he said of Beerks, “It was a very painful situation for him,” because he was so closely tied. WH Fauci said that Trump sometimes told him to “express disappointment in me that I wasn’t getting more positive,” and that Trump himself “surrounded people” with things that don’t have any scientific meaning. Did not make KO, but he always felt that it was better to resign than to resign. “I always felt that if I walked away, the skunk on the picnic would no longer be on the picnic,” Fauci said. “Even if I wasn’t very effective at changing everyone’s mind, the idea that they knew that shit can’t be pushed on my back without it, I felt it mattered.” read on…

But are these revelations breaking?

Thanks to the efforts of news outlets such as the NYT, WSJ and CNN, we get to know more about the final panting of Trump’s attempted coup.
We are hearing more and more about the attack on the Capitol. I was hurt the other day by this Wapo story, titled “Swayambhu militia members planned to storm US Capitol days before the January 6 attack. Court documents say” because it quoted the message One of the accused ring-leaders received during the riots. “When he posted a one-word message, ‘Inside,’ he received instructions and instructions describing the tunnels, doors and hallways, the FBI said.” From which directions? how? There is much we still do not know.
Similarly, this story from the NYT recounts how a Capitol Police lieutenant scrambled to protect house lawmakers by putting table lockers and chairs in a temporary barricade. “He had 31 rounds for his service weapon, and has told others that he feared he might need them all.” I can’t help but wonder: is this new information sinking? Or have most people made up their minds about 1/6?

Scene from nw pa

Maria, a regular “Reliable Source” viewer, emailed me after Sunday’s show to say: “In my Northwestern Pennsylvania Trump town, it seems as if there was no rebellion, Trump won the election, Trump was still The most successful were the Potts, and the Dems are about to take away their freedom. Also, it was ANTIFA, not MAGA that caused the violence, the rebellion. This one is for sure, but this is what I see on right-wing radio See on tv …

“They don’t even share a vocabulary.” but…

AP’s Claire Gallofaro and Juliet Linderman filed a story about “bridging the political divide” with Felicarik, Maryland, just above Route 80 where I grew up. This made the story fun Tweeted Summary: “She thinks the election was stolen from Donald Trump. She believes dozens of courts and officials have found: Joe Biden is the rightful winner. They are trying to find common ground but wonder if they And the country – – can do it. “
I get all the criticism – that is, she believes in fantasy and she believes in reality, and that is all the story needs to tell. But i really want people to click on the past Tweet And read about profile topics. The story may actually make you expect more about our collective future. Yes, profile topics “don’t agree on basic facts. They don’t even share a glossary. They use the same words – truth, proof, patriotism – but they don’t mean the same thing.” This is all true. But they are still friends. And it still matters. read on…

Impeachment will proceed this week

The articles of impeachment will go from the House to the Senate on Monday evening. A impeachment test is likely to consume the month of February. But “What’s clear,” CNN’s Manu Raju said Sunday, that is, “After comments from GOP senators over the past week, there is no way for nearly 17 votes to convict Trump – unless there is some trial change or dynamics in party change.”

“Trump has begun to believe that there are very few votes to vote for if there was a vote soon after January 6,” Heberman reported on Sunday night.

For the record

– Margaret Hoover on CNN: “Let’s be clear, there’s not a better opportunity for the Republican Party to divorce Kook than this impeachment trial coming forward.” ()Twitter)

– Speaking of conspiracy theorists, Maria Bartiromo will host Fox’s 7pm hour this week …

– David Folkenflick on Fox’s strategy: “What they are doing is trying to figure out what kind of public posture they can do so that they can maintain the greatest possible loyalty and audience …” ( NPR)
– Glenn Kessler and co. “Trump’s final presidential rally: 30,573 false or misleading claims – with nearly half coming in his final year …” (Weppo)
– The “lost cause” of election fraud is alive and well on talk radio, with Rudy Giuliani’s WABC radio show in NYC, Aji Pebarah reports … (NYT)
– Yet another reminder that America is not really a 50/50 country: “In his first week in the Oval Office, Biden received high approval for his response to coronovirus (69%) and his ability to integrate. Ratings received. Countries (57%), “according to this new ABC / Ipsos poll … (ABC)

No president should be classified on a curve …

But in many cases Trump WAS graded on a curve during his presidency. Every period was noted without a hateful tweet. Every hint of a “new tone” was appreciated. For Trump, the bar was set too low, too low. Now the Biden team is voluntarily raising the bar back up. When WH Chief of Staff Ron Clann said On twitter It was great to see Fauci on Rachel Madavo’s show over the weekend – a place where Fauci was not allowed to leave During Trump’s time in office – Clann said that Fauci would now be “seen elsewhere he wants to speak his mind.” Madavo Replied And thanked Clann and said “I’ll keep you near it.” This is the really important part – the press now has to keep the Biden team …


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