Father Michael Pfleger responded after being accused of sexual abuse 40 years ago, stepping away from St. Sabina’s ministry

CHICAGO (WLS) – Father Michael Pfleger has responded to an allegation Wednesday that he sexually abused a child.

Chicago Cardinal Blaise Kapich sent a letter to St. Sabina Parish on Tuesday informing that Father Pfleger would step away from his ministry after being accused of sexually abusing a child.

Kapich said in the letter that the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review received allegations of sexual exploitation of a child more than 40 years ago.

On Wednesday morning, Pfleger said in a Facebook post, “I can’t possibly answer the hundreds of Tex, emails and calls received from across the country since yesterday. I’m devastated, hurt and yes angry, but me. I I am first, a person of faith, I trust God. Please keep me in prayer and the faith community of St. Sabina. I am told not to speak this moment. I am blessed with good leadership and a wonderful life. I love .. Pray for that person too, my life is over 40 years old on accusations, and I will stand on that and my faith … Lord is my shepherd ….. I love you Am .. .. “

Kupich said Pfleger agreed to step aside from his ministry and would stay away from the parish during the investigation. Father Thulani Magwaja will temporarily serve as administrator of St. Sabina Parish, and attend church and school.

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Kapich said the allegation has not been proved to be true or false, so blame or innocence should not be inferred.

St. Sabina responded in a statement, stating, “We, the Cabinet of the Faith Community of St. Sabina, believe that these allegations are unfounded and we stand boldly behind the allegiance, dedication, work and ministry of our Senior Pastor Huh.” , Michael Michael Pfleger … We understand that the Chicago Archdiocese has a process and protocol and we will cooperate fully. However, we believe that our Senior Pastor will be completely out of all charges and we will stand by him. As this process he stands with the victims of injustice and will continue to uplift his work and life, [sic] He has committed to serve others. “

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Supporters of Fr. Piffler gathered outside St. Sabina on Wednesday. He also noted the church’s history with sexual abuse victims. While they have long supported the priest, they also respect that the victim should be heard in this case.

Community activist Ja’Mal Green said, “For a potential victim, their story needs to be told.” “Everyone has a story. Everyone has a truth. We want to hear it. We want to hear it. I think this investigation needs to happen and this investigation needs to be intensified, But think about the harm that’s going to happen in it. This community still and when it comes back, we want to make sure the public knows the type of person that Fr. Pflele is. “

Pfleger, 71, became a priest at the Chicago Archdiocese in 1975 and pastor of St. Sabina in 1981. For decades he has been one of the city’s most vocal and politically active faith leaders. Last Thursday he led an anti-violence march.

The charges have also been reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Cook County State’s Attorney, as stated by the policy.
“It is important that you know that there is nothing more important than the welfare of the children entrusted to our care,” was part of the letter.

Archidoc of Chicago officials said they became aware of the allegations Monday afternoon. He is not aware of any lawsuit involving the allegations. He declined to provide further details from the letter.

No further comment has been made from the archives or will be given on Tuesday. Father Pfleger has not responded to a request for comment from ABC7’s Eyewitness News.

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