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Fat squirrel steals the expensive goods that are left for delivery people

MAPLEWOOD, NJ – An obese squirrel was caught on video stealing gourmet chocolate and lip balm that the family goes outside as a holiday gift for the delivery people.

Michele Boudreaux, of Maplewood, New Jersey, said in his blog that he offers sweets, snacks, tissues, hand warmers and other things on his doorstep every year. She never had any problems before, but this year, her basket was raided a few hours after being placed outside her home.

The thief seemed to point to the most expensive things, including about 25 squares of Ghirardelli chocolate, he said. [19659005] The family installed a surveillance camera to see what was happening and saw the overweight varmint standing on a stool, digging the cache on Tuesday.

"I mean, this squirrel is so obese – a very cheerful boy – he should be preparing for a decade of winters," Boudreaux wrote.

Her husband tried to chase him to see where he was accumulating all the delights, but he made a clean escape.

Boudreaux said he stumbled upon the rodent thief on the spot Wednesday, and recorded it by taking more chocolate and a Carmex lip balm.

They have devised the perfect solution to the problem. [19659005] "Now we have our chocolate in a jar that requires opposable thumbs," he wrote.

The antics "brought a lot of joy to my family," he told the AP on Thursday.

Squirrels apparently try to ruin the Christmas spirit throughout New Jersey this season. Officials in the city of Sea Girt were perplexed last week when the wires to the Christmas tree and the city's exhibit were torn apart. The workers repaired the damage so that the tree would be lit on Friday.

Police watched the exhibition and on Saturday published a photo on Facebook of the culprit: a squirrel.

Police said the mischievous rodent was "accused of mischief and released on bail."

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