Fast Acquisition Corp is a purchase

Abbott Laboratories: “Abbott Labs is a huge stock … Now you’re in it for glucose control in diabetes, but also because we’re going to start having a lot of elective surgeries again. I think you’re doing a good move.”

Fast Acquisition Corp: “This is a very good example of a great operator, Tilman [Fertitta], of whom I think the world. … The guy is smart as a whip. I want to invest with Tilman. This would give me the opportunity to do so. It’s a purchase. “

Organogenesis Holdings: “I have to work more.”

Yelp: “I actually felt like when people start dating, the Yelp business will get a little better again. I had been negative on Yelp, and I’m much less negative on Yelp with the reopening, but hear what he’s saying from the point of view of a restaurateur. It is something very difficult as well. “

Virgin Galactic: “This is an age and fitness issue. [Older inestors] I’d say, ‘listen, you don’t want to be on Virgin Galactic. That is an error. It can take 40 years for that thing to take off. But you are young and you want to put up with it for a while. Maybe space travel will become the norm. ‘ So it’s okay for you, but not okay for others. “


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