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Farmer dies of heart attack – TELANGANA

Agonized by a parched and debt-ridden rice field, a farmer ST Katroth Lachiram (57) of Meghyanayak under the confines of the Indalwai police station died of a heart attack at his residence this morning.

The deceased had five acres of agricultural land and rice transplanted on 3 acres east yasangi. As half of the field dried up due to lack of water and the other half was damaged after the recent windstorms and hailstorms, I was depressed. In addition, I had a loan of Rs. 1.5 lakh in it. According to Suryanayak, member of the MPTC, the deceased was in trouble during the last days. After returning from the fields, he complained of chest pain. He died while being transferred to the hospital.

Indalwai police said they did not receive any complaints from their family.


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