Farhan Zaidi explains why Giants had silenced the 2020 MLB trade deadline

For the second straight year, the Giants placed Farhan Zaidi, the president of baseball’s operations, in a strange place.

There is no question that Zaidi was brought in to rebuild, but the 2019 Giants warmed up just before the trade deadline, forcing Zaidi to hit the pause button on full sale. This year’s team has hit more than expected and the pitching staff has stabilized at just the right time, allowing the Giants only a half-day deadline from a playoff chance.

Zaidi honored the wishes of the clubhouse last year when it came to his biggest pieces. While he made a lot of phone calls this time, however, he ultimately decided not to sell. He hopes that this version of the Giants can return to the postseason.

“You can tell that there is a lot of confidence within the group as to what we can achieve here,” Zaidi said.

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It is a little unclear if Giant would have been able to sell anyway. Not much of the early pitching was moved around the game, and is a core area of ​​surplus for the Giants. Or, it was. The Giants plan to go into all-time deadlines this year with Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardija, Kevin Gossam and Drew Smiley, but two of those guys are hurt – along with fifth starter Trevor Cahill – and the other two are crucial for the postdeason There are hopes

A year later he dealt with his bullpen depth, instead the Giants added pitching. Anthony Banda, a leftie swingman, was acquired from the Rays. It did not sound like Zaidi and General Manager Scott Harris was also keen to trade a pitcher like Gausman, which became a market where returns to start pitching looked mild.

Zaidi said, “You want to be careful that you don’t run into a battle of speculation in a situation where you think you might have some depth or some surplus.”

The Giants appeared to be joining other areas, targeting left-handed bat for right-handed relief and outfield.

Zaidi said, “Nothing happened there.” “We feel comfortable with the team that we have and we are right in the race for the playoffs, so we wanted to be careful about how we evaluated any trade opportunities.”

Those holes have to be filled internally. Sy Konarod and Trevor Gott stressed recent performances and said that Austin Slater (groin strain) might return soon. Chris Shaw was added to the alternate site last week and the Giants will decide to see if he can be a necessary leftie bat.

The rest will be the status quo for a group which Zaidi said is balanced and is showing positive signs. While people around the game wondered what this deadline – less than a month before the season was over – would look like, Zaidi said phone calls arose in the final hours. There were swift moves for other organizations on Monday, but the Giants finally had a quiet day.

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“I think we were probably in a position, partly because of our own competitive picture, where those obvious matches were not as easy to find,” Zaidi said. “We weren’t really aggressively pursuing pure buy-sell type deals. We were looking to improve our team, targeting players we liked as long-term pieces of the puzzle , And nothing was physical, perhaps because our situation was a little more granular.

“It’s always more challenging to make trades unlike a situation where you’re just a pure seller and out of the running. It’s not too surprising. Obviously there were a lot of names that were rumored to be on the move. ‘ Businessed today. It always looks like it works that way. It wasn’t for lack of dialogue. We just didn’t see anything that eventually made sense for us. ”

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