Fantasy Football: Week 1 Superflex and TE Premium Streaming Options | Fantasy Football news, rankings and estimates

In the Superflex and tight end premium fantasy football leagues, our second quarter or tight end is often very ugly. The mediocre pass you choose to start in flex can be the difference between leaving Week 1 with a win or not. There are at least 32 NFL tight ends that are guaranteed to see the field every week.

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Nevertheless, there are times when an injury, roster build or bye week forces us to miss the wire. Many of the following players are already roasted in the deepest of the league and are in solid plays Superflex and tight end premium leagues. HeyIf they are still available, Thieves will provide great streaming options in Week 1.


Tyrod Taylor, Los Angeles Chargers

PFF estimates Watch Taylor move the ball 6.7 times in Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals. This is right in line with an average of 6.6 attempts in the games he started and ended. Any of those numbers would give Taylor the second-largest projection by a quarterback in a week.

Playing Bengals is a great way for Taylor to open up his Chargers career – PFF Schedule equipment strength Cincinnati is considered the easiest matchup to oppose quarterbacks in the entire league. Cincinnati’s defense ranked Below -12 pass rush and in coverage Last year, and the team did not add any defensive players through the draft until the round. 3. As long as Taylor is the starter in LA, his running floor will be in second place. Lamar Jackson. He is also a viable starter in the league starting only one quarterback.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami Dolphins

Like Taylor, Fitzpatrick has sabotaged himself. He hit four carries in eight of his 13 matches last year and topped 20 rising yards or a point in six matches. Fitzpatrick is not at Taylor’s level as a runner, but projecting more upside through the air.

Despite missing three starts, Fitzpatrick finished 10th in the NFL with 65 deep pass attempts last year. The Dolphins are +6.5 dogs heading to New England, but a consistent deficit will bump Fitzpatrick’s efforts and force him to be more aggressive. His arm gives him a higher ceiling than the aforementioned Taylor.

Either AFC former legend is eligible to be their second Superflex quarterback as long as their respective first-round cheaters do not bother them.

Michelle Trubisky, Chicago Bears

If you’re in a superflex and don’t have a second quarterback, things are going to get ugly. still, Trubsiky is a player who consistently goes without a hurdle in the superflex, but if you are in strict strait at the quarterback position, it has the qualities worth chasing.

Trusbsiky began the 2019 season in which he lacked the grace to save for fantasy purposes: carries. He recorded only five rush attempts through week three and then injured his shoulder in Week 4. He came back to face the monk and came back 56 times without casting a single trap. From Week 8, he made 4.3 carries for 17.2 yards per game and scored twice. With a full progeny to heal, Trubsiky should have no problem carrying its 4.68 40-yard dash wheels to some faster production.

He also gets an incredibly soft matchup versus Lions. Tray flower Last year was Detroit’s only defensive player inside the top 100 in the Detroit grade (minimum 100 pass rushes). Unexpectedly, BFS has a top-10 passing advantage based on PFF OL / DL matchup chart. Trubikiki will likely stumble and hand over the starting QB role to Nick Falls, but Week 1 will not happen.

tight end

Eric Ibron, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ebron has flown under the radar as one of the league’s most consistently received threats at tight ends. After a bad rogue season, Ebron never fell below the grade a 65.7 PFF received. He is not an elite weapon in this case, but his arrow is moving in the right direction – he is still only 27. Ebron is also getting his best PFF grade (71.1) while catching from the pass. From Jacoby Brissett – The veteran QB averaged 6.6 yards per attempt last year.

Will now work with Ebron Ben rothlisberger, Who threw for 5,129 yards in 7.6 yards per attempt in 2018. He missed the most in 2019 with an elbow injury, but according to reports, he is now fully healthy. The offensive upgrade from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh is once again known to Eberon’s talent as the receiver’s sparkle.

Jack doyle, Indianapolis Colts

Tight end premium formats usually give the position extra points for reception, which makes goal-hogging tight ends even more valuable. Like it or not, Doyle could fit in this year. Ebron with photo and Ti hilton As the only established pass-catcher on the team, Doyle has the option of receiving No. 2 to open the year.

Philip rivers Throughout his career he has been a machine for creating successful fantasy seasons from tight ends.

In 2019, the deep ball of the rivers completely disappeared. He finished 20th in adjusted completion percentage and 32nd passer rating (minimum 20 attempts). He is looking to do more bottom checks this year than ever before, making Doyle a higher floor option every week.

Jordan Akins, Houston Texas

Akins is the deepest tight end listed here, but has some upside as a primary receiving TE. Deshaun Watson. He is competing Darren falls For snaps, but the 34-year-old Fales is primarily an in-line blocker with some occasional red zone use. Akins led all of Houston’s tight ends last year with 55 goals and was the most efficient, averaging 7.6 yards per goal.

The Texans faced the Chiefs in the first game of the 2020 season on Thursday, and had an absurd 56.5 overs in the matchup. The number is almost a touchdown compared to the week’s second highest total. Akins is a play of desperation, but he can find the field this weekend.