Fans react to embarrassing loss against Georgia Tech

FSU football went to Georgia’s technical game as a double-digit betting favorite. Knowles has lost four consecutive openers since 2017.

The FSU football team began the game against Georgia Tech with promise. Special teams cover the Kickstream herd like FASU teams.

The defense came with a timely interception, and the offense went down the field and scored a touchdown to take an early 7–0 lead.

However, it looked like it had to go downstream after that, preventing two field goals and one extra point on one side from the special teams.

James Blackman was inconsistent, had multiple drops in wide receivers, and the FSU defense let a freshman stay with him for the most time.

Nodes led 10–0 at halftime and could have been 20–0, had not missed a certain touchdown pass and missed a field goal.

It was disappointing, the team did not see any shortage and they allowed the teams to dominate in the second half.

FSU football fans also expressed their displeasure over this on social media:

Fan reaction


I wrote how it was the most important game on the schedule and you will see why I wrote in the coming weeks. This type of loss gives players the same feeling as in years past.

This makes all the so-called buy-ins questionable, and along with selling future recruits, it would be difficult to see how they looked in the game.

There were many injuries in the game on the offensive line. Joshua Kaindoh was injured early in the game and did not return.

The first half of the game had some bright spots, but the second half was similar to the previous few years.

Will Mike Norwell be able to make the necessary adjustments on deck in Miami in the sub-week? That improves them quickly, or fans can be rooted to some sort of COVID-19 bailout.

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It is ridiculous for a defense to allow a new person to have that type of success against them. FSU defensive coordinator Adam Fuller also has something to explain.