Cynics will say that warning signs were in the air for some time. The optimists will remember Michael Jordan's second race with the Chicago Bulls, in an attempt to convince themselves that Lil Uzi Vert does not mean what he said.

As we reported last night, Lil Uzi Vert declared his intentions to eliminate all his music from the user-based platforms, giving a definitive end to his career as a rapper. Soon there would be a domino effect of anguish (on social networks).

What makes his sudden announcement even more bitter for diehard fans is that Uzi was apparently moments away from dropping the long-awaited Eternal take draft. As the video above continues to explain, Uzi's production execution was marred by difficulty, equal parts caused by pressure from above, pressuring his fans and even some of his own thoughts.

Following his statement, some fans have even resorted to blaming themselves. And although the Memes are generally too exaggerated in their tone, the general response of Social Media has been repentant. If you do not want Uzi Vert to burn the entire package, vote YES. The Naysayers would be willing to go out in silence, while this retirement problem solves itself. NEVER ignore a good promotional trick. This is what Tweeters had to say.