Fans of "Game of Thrones" in China vent anger after Tencent delays his final episode

"We're very sorry, but due to a media transmission problem, episode 6 can not be loaded on time." So goes a message in the dedicated dedicated of Chinese transmission giant Tencent game of Thrones page, where Chinese fans have flocked this morning hoping to see the conclusion of the eighth and final season of the epic HBO program.

Tencent had promised that the episodes would be released at 9 a.m. every Monday in China when the successful program ended his career in the US. UU., But at night the end was yet to appear. The deal had already proved controversial after the first episode reached 6 minutes shorter in China, but at least viewers in the country could see it. Now, the "delay" has left the Chinese fans feeling completely deprived, with many turning their anger on Tencent on social networks, all at the same time they try to dodge the spoilers.


Game of Censors: Chinese fans angry at the deleted scenes of "Game of Thrones"

It is not clear what caused the "delay", although some GoT fans fear that the final episode will never reach one of China's leading video broadcasting services. (Not that this would necessarily deprive Chinese fans completely, there have been numerous pirated versions of the program circulating online, as we noted in the previously linked article).

The reception of the Tencent ad has not been comprehensive in Chinese social networks.

Tencent game of thrones china

It does not take much translation here.

game of thrones china tencent has season 8

"This action is really … Many people paid for VIP accounts because of this, and then we can not see the last episode …"

hbo tencent china game of thrones

"Is not there time to censor the content?"

In a week when the state broadcaster CCTV6 made headlines by replacing its normal programming with a lot of war movies against the United States, some even wondered if there was a broader narrative at stake …

Game of thrones season 8 Chinese commercial war

"Is this because of the trade war?"

Oh, well, meanwhile, maybe Chinese GoT fans can play the game developed by Tencent? Oh wait….

We play the new game "Game of thrones" of Tencent and the lost brain cells

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