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Fans of & # 39; 90 Day Fiance & # 39; they have hot words for Ashley Martson after she met with Jay Smith

90 day finance: Happily forever? Star Ashlay Martson warned fans that the Sunday episode would show her making a really bad decision, and it did not disappoint. Once the fans finally saw her return to the now separated husband Jay Smith after their hospitalization, they were stunned.

This week's episode showed events filmed in January, when Martson withdrew her divorce request because Smith supported her when she was hospitalized due to complications of lupus. The scenes were filmed just a few weeks after Martson discovered that Smith was cheating again.

"Things with Jay and I were not good, the last time I saw him, I had thrown him out," Martson told the camera after Smith showed up at the hospital. "It's kind of surprising to see him walk in the door of the hospital." I was still really angry at Jay, but still I was happy to see him and happy to not be alone.

"Knowing me and the person I am, I can not have her alone in the hospital and I'm not there," Smith added. "So I flew back to her."

Although Martson warned Smith that his return "does not mean things are resolved," fans saw images of the couple who returned to Martson's divorce lawyer and asked for the divorce petition to be withdrawn.

"Jay is still here because, I guess, I'm not well and he's helping me and right now it feels good to have him here," Martson told the producers.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not work. Martson filed for divorce in April and Smith's immigration status was compromised. He was placed in ICE custody earlier this month.

On Saturday, Martson went to Instagram to warn fans that the episode this weekend would show him making a silly decision.

"Disclaimer for the morning episode: I was admitted and administered IV Dilaudid for 8 days in a row," wrote Martson in his Instagram story. "It clearly affected the frontal love of my brain, the part of the brain where you think and make choices with … [that’s] everyone! They have a great rest of their weekend! "

90-day groom: Happily forever? It airs on FTA Sundays at 8 p.m. ET

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