Fans finally cracked-up killer breed language

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Assassins Creed There is a continuous series of mysteries and riddles, the most enduring of which is the Isu language. While it was first introduced in 2009 Assassin’s Creed II, It wasn’t until last year Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Sufficient clues have been given that the fan was eventually able to crack the dead tongue.

In a video released earlier today on YouTube, people on fans Arrive at animus Explain in detail the steps he took to unlock a complex of Jesus-complex language, God-like figures Assassins Creed Vidya predicts human civilization. But it was not easy Replacement cipher; The foundation of the Isu language was made possible by decoding Valhalla Acting as a type of Rosetta Stone Through which meaning can be boycotted.

Animus was able to identify grammatical matters, verb tenses, conjugations, and key rules of sentence formation, in whose course many pieces of the Ishu text provided were compared to English translations. Valhalla story. They were then able to apply what they learned to their main goal: translating the many Isu markings on the game’s collector’s edition packaging.

The work is far from done. Valhalla This makes it clear that Isu was not an unbroken civilization as before, which accounts for significant discrepancies between letters and sentence structure in various texts. As the Isu text looks very different from the old Assassins Creed Sports, it is still unclear whether these specific findings can be applied to the entire series.

Animus plans to move on to further topics, such as the Isu points system and a large-scale in-game document known as the Canterbury file, in future videos. It would probably be a stretch to say that the language has been completely eliminated, but Valhalla Story director Darby McDavitt has Especially praised Achievement on Twitter. They are definitely on to something!


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