FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Helper: Thursday 1/7/21

If you’re new to daily fantasy basketball – maybe you’ve started your DFS journey during the MLB or NFL seasons, or maybe basketball is your game and this will be your first year giving it a shot – you’re in for a treat. The NBA scene relies on week-to-week, day-to-day, and – injury news – even on a minute-to-minute basis, making each slate a unique one with an ever-changing approach. Is required.

With change so quickly, we are here to help you with lots of tools. We have daily projections, a matchup heat map, a lineup optimizer, and a bunch of other great resources to help give you the edge.

Daily fantasy is very dependent on NBA opportunity, so you will need to make sure that you are up-to-date with significant injuries. Our estimates update until tip-off to reflect current news, we have player news updates, and the FanDuel Scout app will send push notifications to suppress updates regarding your players.

We are coming to you every day with this primer, breaking down some of the top plays of the day at each venue.

Let’s take a look at what you should be aiming for tonight’s five-game slate, which kicks off at 7:30 pm Eastern Time.

point guard

Four of the 11 most expensive players on this slate remain at point guard, so the high-class options at the position are certainly plentiful. Luka Donsik ($ 11,100) The situation made headlines, coming in with a salary of $ 1,100 more than any other player. Luca is out of a performance where he dropped 60.7 Fanduel points three days ago in a game that saw a ridiculous 41.4% usage rate. Doncic would need 55.5 fantasy points to return the 5X value (or 5.0 fantasy points for every $ 1,000 in salary), and the point is that in any of his five career games against the Denver Nuggets, he would go above 53.7. Has not gone. He said, Denver has cited the sixth-most fantasy points so far this year. Our model has a recording of 54.5 fanduel points, just 0.4 points lower than our top-projected player on the slate.

There are three other options which will cost you a lot of money Kyrie Irving ($ 10,000), Damian Lillard ($ 9,200), And Ben simmons ($ 8,700). Kiri has now eclipsed 50 (who need 5X tonight) in three of his last six matches, and his volume should be through the roof without Kevin Durant In the lineup. One concern is that our Brandon Gadula ranks Philadelphia 76ers According to their matchup sheet, as the 10th hardest matchup for the post. Kyari should be quite popular on tonight’s limited slate, so there is valid reason for her to fade into the tournament. On the other hand, Lillard faces the Minnesota Timberwells The defense is the third-worst against point-guards in the form of Gadula. The Dame will need 46 for 5X, and he is the number one hitting in just seven times this season. Meanwhile, Simmons has topped 45 of his last three. Our model gave him the best value of four high-salaried point guards.

Now on price plays. Despite returning D’Anthoni Melton ($ 3,800) on Tuesday, Tice jones ($ 5,400) Still scored 28 Fanduel points in 32.2 minutes of action. It was Jones’ third consecutive game with at least 27.5. Fortunately for Jones, he faces the Cleveland Cavaliers Defending the dead against the last point to protect Gadula. Speaking of the Cavs’ defense, Melton squares off against them. In fact, that is the top-estimated price of our model over the entire slate (as of Thursday afternoon). He recorded 18.9 Fanduel in 15.8 minutes in his comeback, and he is bound to see a heavy workload in his second game.

shooting guard

The shooting guard position is not where we need to break the bank on the slate tonight. In fact, the top-four predicted values ​​of our model all have salaries under $ 6K. We’ll start it Malik Beasali ($ 5,600), Which is estimated to be the second best value on the entire slate. Beasley has played 38.1 and 37.7 minutes in his last two games and scored 48.9 and 27.2 fanduel points respectively in the process. Matchup between portland trail blazers And the ‘Wolves have a total estimate of eight points more than the total for any other game on the slate, so you definitely want some risk there.

In the same salary range, you can see Dennis Schroder ($ 5,300) For some salary relief. Schröder has an approximation of 28.5 fanduel points in the numberfire algorithm, and would only need 26.5 to get 5X. San antonio spurs Ranked one of the best matchups for a point guard, which is Shredder’s primary position. Seth Curry ($ 5000) Thus has been a very reliable fantasy producer for Philly, and his salary is quite reasonable. To get 5X, Curry would only need 25.0 FanDuel points – he topped 28.0 in five of his last seven.

In this case there are some tricky mid-range options, as well – ie Colin Sexton ($ 6,900) And Caris Levert ($ 6,500). Levert’s 37.3% usage rate and 1.42 fanduel points per minute this season with Durant and Spencer Dinwiddie Impossible to ignore He would need 32.5 to receive a 5X value on his salary, which is the number of times he easily crosses three times this season. In two matches without KD on the court of this campaign, Leviert has seen usage rates of 38.3% and 43.7% to go with outputs of 61.3 and 36.7 fantasy points respectively. That is the opposite you are chasing.

Meanwhile, with Darius Garland And for the Cavs to circle other players, Sexton should be on our radar. He needs 34.5 points for 5X Mann, surpassing five of his eight attempts this season. And, as I’ve mentioned before, Memphis is just terrible against guards.

Small step forward

The small forward has only one (active) player with salaries above $ 8K, and is Lebron James ($ 10,100). Despite being just the fourth most expensive player on the slate, our algorithm makes LeBron the highest scorer. At his lowest salary this season, King James will need 50.5 fancule points to return a 5X value, and has finished pretty close to that number in each of his last five matches – in any of those contests. Not less than 48.

On the price side of things, Kyle anderson ($ 5,900) There is a play that our model wants you to consider. Anderson has been overwhelmed in his last two outings (only 22.8 and 21.0 FanDuel points), but before that, he had gone over 36.0 in three of four. On tonight’s salary, he would need 29.5 to be paid from 5X – Numberfire’s algorithm projects him to 32.6. It helps that the Cavs rank as the third-best matchup for the small forward. Speaking of matches Will barton ($ 6000) Dallas gets one against the team that Gadula’s position is worst when adjusted for the competition. Barton has now played three games without Michael Porter Jr. In the lineup, and he has posted 29.2 and 36.9 fandom points in his final two.

As for salary-saving plays, the small forwards are somewhat interesting. In two games without Darius Garland In the lineup, Cedi usman ($ 5,200) The direct beneficiary, posting 42.9 and 27.5 imaginary points in 38.9 and 32.9 minutes respectively. The Grizzlies, Usman’s opposition, have surrendered the second most imaginary points this season to the small forward. For great savings, come see Danny green ($ 3,900) And Derrick Jones Jr. ($ 3,900). Both players need 19.5 to gain 5X. Green has scored 20.4, 26.7, and 31.1 Fanduel points in his final three, while Jones has scored 21.0 of his last three. I think Green would like that at the prospect of having fewer rosterships.

power forward

The top estimated value of our model in four is Juan Hernangomez ($ 4,200). Hernagomez is coming off a game two days ago in which he tortured the Nuggets for 46.6 fandom points. While he had eclipsed 15 fantasy points for the first time this season, it also marked his second straight game with 25 minutes of action – his previous season-high was 18.5.

If i don’t mention i come again Anthony Davis ($ 10,400) While talking further. The AD is $ 3,600 more expensive than any other player, and our model has pushed it to the next closest-closest power by 18.6 fanduel points – not to be taken lightly. That said, our model’s 49.9 launch of the FanDuel means that Davis is only returning a 4.8X value. With too much star-power in other positions, robbing Davis may not be the worst idea.

Maxi Kleber ($ 4000) Coming out of a game in which he failed to register a single real-life point that could keep the public away tonight. Kleber posted 23.5 and 24.7 FanDuel points in two of his three prior to that dud. While for the roof Robert covington ($ 5000) He was nowhere when he was with the Houston Rockets, that Still something to consider. Gadula ranked the ‘Wolves as the seventh best matchup for power forward, and Covington surpassed 25 fantasy points (what he needed for 5X) in four of his last six matches.


The center position is heavily filled for a five-game slate, which includes three players with salaries in excess of $ 9K. Are tops Nikola Jokic ($ 11,300), Joel Embiid ($ 9,900), And Andrea Drummond ($ 9,200). Jock would need a massive 56.5 fanaduel points to reach only 5X, and he would be going for the ninth toughest defense against centers while adjusting for an opponent. Meanwhile, Embiid faces a net team that ranks fifth worst against the position when adjusted for an opponent, and you can get almost the same as you would with Jokic for $ 1,400 less. . Embiid is the favorite drama if you are going to pay at the center. Drummond has also failed to reach 40 Fanduel points in any of his final four, making him a risky game.

In the center is the top-most approximate value of our algorithm. Jusuf Nurkic ($ 6,200), Which faces Minnesota’s team, which surrenders 4.3 more FanDuel per game than any other team in the league. Nurkic topped 31 fantasy points (which he needed 5X) in three of his last six matches. In the same range, you can also see Zarrat Allen ($ 6,300). Allen has posted 39.2 and 57.1 in his final two, with the latter his first start in place of DeAndre Jordan..


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