FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Helper: Friday 1/8/21

If you’re new to daily fantasy basketball – maybe you’ve started your DFS journey during the MLB or NFL seasons, or maybe basketball is your game and this will be your first year giving it a shot – you’re in for a treat. The NBA scene relies on week-to-week, day-to-day, and – injury news – even on a minute-to-minute basis, making each slate a unique one with an ever-changing approach. Is required.

With change so quickly, we are here to help you with lots of tools. We have daily projections, a matchup heat map, a lineup optimizer, and a bunch of other great resources to help give you the edge.

Daily fantasy is very dependent on NBA opportunity, so you will need to make sure that you are up-to-date with significant injuries. Our estimates update until tip-off to reflect current news, we have player news updates, and the FanDuel Scout app will send push notifications to suppress updates regarding your players.

We are coming to you every day with this primer, breaking down some of the top plays of the day at each venue.

Let’s take a look at what you should be aiming for tonight’s 10-game slate, which kicks off at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

point guard

While the point guard position is loaded with options at every level, it is also full of question marks – Kyrie Irving ($ 10100) Dropped out of final game due to personal reasons Did not fly to Memphis with team, Russell Westbrook ($ 10,700) A dislocated finger, and De’Aaron Fox is suspected after suffering Even after missing his last game with a hamstring tightness, it is doubtful.

Boston celtics Injuries will result in significantly lower bodies and Contact tracing, Which means Marx smart ($ 5,900) Too much to play. On the season, the Washington Wizards According to Fantasypros, the guards are one of the most liberal teams to oppose. In fact, according to Brandon Gadula’s matchup sheet, the Wizards are ranked as the second-worst team against point guards and the fifth-worst team against shooting guards when adjusted for opponent. Smart would need 29.5 FanDuel points to achieve the 5X value (or 5.0 fantasy points for every $ 1,000 in salary), and is a number he has easily topped five of his last seven.

Speaking of a team with a lot of inactivity, the Orlando Magic Seems to have caught the injury bug as well. Magic Markle Fultz will be down And Michael Carter-Williams, And they may very well be without Evan Fornier. THat leaves his backcourt wide open for crooks Cole Anthony ($ 5000). Anthony will need 25 Fanduel points for 5X, and until he reaches only once this season, his assignment in this competition should be his heaviest. He is the second best estimated value of our model. With the possibility of Kyrie happening again, Numberfire’s algorithm sees Chris chiozza ($ 3,600) As the best value at point guard. In two of Irving’s games, Chozza has fallen to 18.2 and 24.6 fantasy points – he will need just 18 to receive a 5X value on his salary.

New york knocks There is another team dealing with injuries, and one of the primary beneficiaries Alfred Peyton ($ 5,500). Patton has recorded less than 29.1 Fanduel points just once in his final six matches and will need just 27.5 to make a substantial comeback tonight. His rival, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Has noted the eighth-most fictional points this season. Finally, there are two stalwarts of high pay, whose model is high – Kyle Lowry ($ 7,700) And Patrick beverly ($ 3,800). The bottom-five teams have matchups when the two players adjust to the opponent.

shooting guard

No Kevin Durant, No Kyrie, No Spencer Dinwiddie – Basically, locked in Caris Levert ($ 6,800). In 135.8 minutes without those three on the court this season, LeVert has a high 37.9% usage rate to go with a 1.49 fanaduel-point-per-minute average. In two complete games with those three, Levert has posted 61.3 and 50.4 Fanduel points. Fade it at your own risk.

I mentioned above how bad Washington has been against the guards, and tonight we get a lucky draw Jaylen Brown ($ 8,000) Shooting on FanDuel is being listed in the guard. Not to fret, Washington is poor against the small forward (Brown’s right position), as well. Brown, who needs just 40 FanDuel points for 5X, topped 49 in four matches this season. Our model projected Brown for 42.4 tonight – a fantastic comeback nonetheless.

If De’Aaron Fox is out for Sacramento Kings, Great extent ($ 5,200) Could eventually come true on its always elevated projections. Numberfire’s algorithm estimates the position as the best value in possession. That said, if Fox sits there will be a chocolatey drama Tyres Halibutan ($ 5,400), And rightly so. The rogue dropped 46.4 Fanduel points, with Fox missing from the last game and could be in for a similar performance tonight.

Eric Bledos ($ 5,300) Tonight needs 26.5 for the 5X, and has averaged 31.2 in his last three – our model has pegged him at 28.8 points. On the high end of things, our model likes Paul george ($ 8,800) For most of the other options. George and Brown are the only shooting guards with higher salaries than Levert, who project to get more value from our Model 5X.

This is not a night for bargain-shopping at the shooting guard, but if you are willing to do so, Reggie Bull ($ 3,600) There may be a way to go – if he is active. $ 100 above the minimum, the bull will only need to earn 18 points for 5X – he is above 21 in three of his last five.

Small step forward

One of the higher salaried small forwards is one of our model’s top estimated values ​​- and that too Jason Tatum ($ 9,400). The Celtics currently have a total of around three points on the slate, so you don’t have to worry about over-exposure. Meanwhile, Tatum is bound to see a heavier-than-usual role tonight with Boston’s slim roster, and is a man who has surpassed three of his final six 50-point scores. Numberfire’s algorithm projects him to 51.5 tonight.

In court last night without Kyari and KD Joe harris ($ 4,900) 43.2 Explosion for fantasy points – There is a crazy ceiling for a player with a salary under $ 5K. Harris, who will need 24.5 Fanduel points for 5X, has topped 30 in four of his last six attempts. if Ivan Fournier ($ 5,300) Tonight returns, with our model giving her the best price at third place. With all of Orlando’s backcourt injuries, Fournier will likely see a higher volume when activated.

The top-estimated value of our model is Josh jackson ($ 5,100), Which is likely to correspond tonight. Jackson posted more than 30 FanDuel points in three of six games before his two-game absence.

In the mid-range, we project both Kris middleton ($ 7,400) And RJ Barrett ($ 6,500) To be greater than the 5.1X value.

power forward

Our model has the top-projected scorer over the entire slate Giannis Entetoconpo ($ 11,200). The ceiling for the two-time MVP is well known, but Giannis has eclipsed Fanduel’s 56 points (what he needs for 5X) in four of his final six. Not that it matters much, but Utah Jazz Allowing the eighth most imaginary points to oppose the small forward.

Giannis isn’t the only stud in power tonight – we also get Anthony Davis ($ 10,400). Davis is always worthy of consideration, but tonight, you have to keep in mind the fact that he has got a fantastic matchup. AD facing Chicago Bulls The team in the final and third worst position against the power against the centers when adjusting for the competition. Our model estimates Davis to be just 1.8 fewer points than Giannis, and the AD comes at a discount of $ 800.

Night is the best matchup Zion Williamson ($ 7,800), Who encounters a Charlotte Hornet The team that has allowed the most imaginary points to advance this season. Zion needs 39 fantasy points to reach 5X, and has scored 42 or more in four of its last seven matches.

J crowder ($ 4,400) Is one of those who could easily be a lineup-winner or a lineup-killer. Crowder has surpassed 27 fantasy points in four of his last seven games (he needs 22 for 5X), but he also has fewer than 13 total in each of the other three. Our model has her as the lineup-winner tonight, presenting her as the second best value at the position.

For a little more of your salary, you can either rise above Brandon Clarke ($ 5,100) or Bobby portis ($ 5000). Clarke’s ceiling is nothing to write home about, though he has recorded at least 26.8 fantasy points in four of his last six matches – he needs 25.5 for 5X. Meanwhile, Portis seems to be grabbing the position of Milwaukee’s center by the horns. The 25-year-old has scored 32 or more FanDuel points four times in his last seven matches, and he sees at least 25 minutes of action five times during that stretch.


To be able to afford a lineup full of studs, you’ll need to save salaries somewhere, and you can do it at the center as well. Our model project Daniel thes ($ 4,300) Having the best point-per-dollar value on the entire slate. With robert williams, Grant williams, And Tristan Thompson All out for Boston, This is bound to run all he can handle. It should play well against a wizard team that surrenders the second most imaginary points to opposing centers.

If you feel the need to pay the position, Nikola Vosevic ($ 8,800) Houston faces Rocket The defense that surrenders to Fanduel, the fourth-most, points to opposing centers this season. Vucevic has posted at least 47.6 in four of its last seven contests.


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