Family mourns 9-year-old girl, cautions

Following the tragic death of a 9-year-old Florida girl due to COVID-19, her family is urging people to do what they can to slow the spread of coronovirus.

“I pray that they take away from the story and that what they learn is COVID-19 is something serious,” said Today, the family’s spokesman, Dejon Cain. “If we live along this path, in our state and our country in equal behavior, we will lose too much life and too many young lives.”

The family is located in northeast Florida. The state surpassed 400,000 total coronavirus cases last week, and an average of more than 10,000 new cases per day. As cases progress, the public schools are expected to reopen next month, leading to the superannuation of Ron Ron DeSantis, the largest teachers’ union in Florida.

The family remembered Kimora “Kimmy” Lingam as “just happy” and happy. Courtesy Daejon Cain / Kimora Linum Family

The death of Kimora “Kimmy” Lingam has highlighted several unknown questions about how coronovirus affects children. Kimmy is considered one of the youngest coronovirus victims in Florida. In July, he contracted COVID-19 and died shortly thereafter. Caine said the family does not want to discuss the details of Kimmy’s disease, but said she has no risk factors that make her susceptible to COVID-19.

“He had no underlying conditions,” Cain said. “She was a very healthy woman and according to the Poonam County Coroner’s Office.”

It is not clear how Kimmy contracted the virus.

TODAY reached out to the Florida Department of Health for a statement, but received no response. Kimmy’s death comes on the heels of another family tragedy: Kimmy’s father, Theophilus Linum, died about a month and a half ago. Cain said that during that funeral he noticed that Kimmy had “resilience about him” that the family remembers him as they mourn him. Their faith is helping them navigate this challenging time.

“God is able to keep us together,” Cain said. “It is very difficult, very difficult … We want to get positive messages about things that will strengthen our family.”

When Kimora “Kimmy” Linum’s father died, she kept a note in her coffin with him about how much she loved him. Courtesy Daejon Cain / Kimora Linum Family

The family set up Go Fund Me to cover Kimmy’s funeral expenses. Remembering how excited and kind Kimmy definitely helps the family with her grief.

“You won’t get a better baby.” She always had a smile. Always happy, just happy, and she brings a smile to others, ”said Cain. “That was just remarkable.”

He hopes that upon hearing about Kimmy, people will create social distance and wear masks to slow the spread of coronovirus – and prevent others from losing loved ones.

Kimora “Kimmy” Linum’s family hopes that people wear masks and social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other tragic deaths. Courtesy Daejon Cain / Kimora Linum Family

“This epidemic is definitely devastating,” he said. “We need to adjust and get in line with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and also understand that social distance is very important. And we need to take our time so that we can keep this virus under control in our country, in our neighborhood. “

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