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Families in COVID-19-stricken Texas wait 12 hours for a meal

Thousands of Texas families were hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic, waiting up to 12 hours to feed this holiday season – such as state grapes with increased infections.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Fair Park’s normally quiet grounds in Dallas were the largest cheap home for food at the North Texas Food Bank, as the coronovirus spread.

Saturday’s Thanksgiving-themed event handed out food to nearly 8,500 families experiencing financial stress from the escalating crisis – 17 times more people than the annual event usually serves.

Photographs of the event reveal traffic for miles as people waited for hours in their cars for packages of frozen turkey, 20 pounds of canned goods and 15 pounds of fruit and vegetables as well as bags of bread.

Armando Castillo encamped overnight for the first time and waited for over 10 hours.

“We really appreciate the food drive because if it didn’t, I think we would return home farming for ourselves,” Castillo told the Dallas Morning News.

“They also get food from their school – so we’ve been able to make it lately,” he said of the family’s children.

Two hundred volunteers worked through the night to prepare the event and to load local churches into U-Hailes.

Trisha Cunningham, president and CEO of the North Texas Food Bank, said the epidemic has already exposed hidden food insecurity in North Texas.

Since mid-March, the Food Bank has delivered approximately 70.8 million pounds of food.

“So many people need it right now, and if you are coming through this line then there is no stigma attached. You will be given work with dignity and respect.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention data, the seven-day moving average in the Lone Star State since Saturday averaged 9,807, up from 3,932 a month earlier.


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