False viral content online, Facebook is taking over the policy.

Welcome to our sad and new distorted reality: the explosion of false: false videos, false people on Facebook and daily cries of "false news".

Driving the news: This week we reached a false maximum, with Facebook saying that it had eliminated 2,200 million false accounts in three months, a fake video of the speaker Nancy Pelosi went viral, and Trump launched into a new "fake" tear.

  • A survey conducted by Pew last year found that two-thirds of the links tweeted to popular websites came from non-human users (bots or other automated accounts), by Neal Rothschild of Axios.

Why it matters: This is just a small sample of our future without a filter. It will only be easier to generate fake audio, fake videos and even fake people, and spread them instantly and virally.

  • False surveys, false experts, false fundraisers, and even false think tanks are proliferating.

More than half of Internet traffic comes from robots, not people, in this amazing journey through our fake world:

False influence It has become the result of an Internet full of false measurements and people:

  • Dozens of content farms and Internet hacks earn money by selling or expanding views of fake videos or fan accounts to politicians and influential people.
  • Distorted images can make any size of the audience look larger or smaller than reality.
  • Around the world, false polls are being created to distort elections.

The most burning political tactic of this cycle is to force a candidate or politicians to defend themselves against a deception or false news.

  • In the electoral campaign, Mayor Pete Buttigieg was falsely accused of badual badault by right-wing trolls.
  • Kamala Harris found herself caught in a storm of fake news memes that questioned her identity and race.

The collection of fake funds is becoming easier. The inability to veto real people online makes it difficult to discern about how money is processed on the Internet.

  • A California scammer set up fake websites for Bernie Sanders and Beto O & # 39; Rourke to defraud donors, NBC reported in March.

Be smart: False reports, false stories and false people have existed on television, radio and print for years. But as NYTimes points out: "Lawmakers have not kept up with social media platforms, with their billions of hard-to-track users around the world."

Whats Next: The inevitable result of a universe of false information is a real crisis fabricated by false news.

Read the original article in Axios.

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