Fallout 76: What we want in E3 2018

After almost 24 hours of teasing on its official live broadcast, Bethesda has revealed the next installment of its post-apocalyptic series with Fallout 76. Set for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the next game seems to focus much more about life within the insular inner worlds of the Vaults, and what comes next. Although the trailer was a satisfying claim for what has come, there is still much we want to know, so here is a more detailed breakdown of what Fallout 76 is all about, and we want to see it in E3 2018.

What to Know Up now

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In Fallout 76, players will take on the role of vault dweller in the underground bunker known as Vault 76. Set before even the original Fallout – as shown on a clock and calendar in the trailer : Fallout 76 will focus on the efforts of citizens as they try to survive in an increasingly hostile world 20 years after the nuclear apocalypse. Focusing on a retro-futuristic style, the aesthetics and tone of a distant future from the perspective of the past, Fallout 76 shows a more cheerful approach, which will probably break once the Dweller of the Vault opens the door to the outside world.

According to the knowledge of Fallout, Vault 76 – referenced in Fallout 3 and 4 – was one of Vault-Tech's few control vaults. While all the vaults functioned as advertised for all their inhabitants, the control vaults were designed to open their doors for the purpose of repopulating after a set period of time. In general, the Vaults were badly designed or destined to fail, and the few control vaults that existed were successful in their mission: to make mankind return to the irradiated landscape. While we're not quite sure what kind of game the 76 will be, it's fair to say that it will focus on the efforts of the inhabitants of the vault while they try to survive in an unknown and hostile world.

What is confirmed for E3

Although the only thing we got from the revelation was the fast forward, Bethesda was quick to say that we will see much more of the game in his E3 2018 Showcase on June 10, which seems to be the Longest editor program. In recent years, the publisher has revealed a large number of titles, including Fallout 4, Prey and Wolfenstein II, and plans to keep it for this year's program. With Rage 2, Fallout 76 and the Prey DLC for a long time, this year's show will probably give us a very substantial look at what will come with the next Fallout game.

What we want to see

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"When the fight has stopped and the rain has settled, you must rebuild it."

While Fallout 76 looks like Fallout 4 graphically, the breakthrough seems to indicate that this will not be a traditional single-player experience. With rumors that the game has an online element, Bethesda tries to try a different approach with this one. Because of this, we would like to see Bethesda spend as much time as possible to reveal what will come with Fallout 76. During the 2015 E3 that was shown for Fallout 4, Todd Howard spent more than half an hour explaining the ins and outs of the game, at the same time They show the highlights of what sets Fallout 4 apart from the others.

A similar approach to this for Fallout 76 would not only set expectations, but also show that this game would stand out from the other titles. To put it simply, we want to see exactly what kind of game Fallout 76 will have. While it's fair to say that some familiar moments of Fallout action and interaction will be present, it's important for us to see sequences of the game in action, along with showing how different what will this game be But, above all, a release date for Fallout 76 is also imperative. And given Bethesda's track record, there's a good chance we're playing a lot earlier than we think.

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