Fallout 76 is having a seasonal event this month


Fallout 76 & # 39; s the next patch is not gone, but looking beyond that update, there is a planned seasonal event that will help close the end of the month. We still have a name from Bethesda to reveal what this event will be called, but now we do what is right now that the developer has revealed the first details of the event. It is a supermutante merchant and his company, a party and the participation of the community, baduming they want to be rewarded.

Bethesda launched the start of the next event in his latest publication, Inside the Vault, where he discussed everything that has recently been discussed and the things that are yet to come. Grahm, the itinerant Supermutante that is installed in any place where he will exchange products with players, will be the center of this event along with his brahmin companion. Grahm is having a meeting, according to the teasers, and has the help of the players to put everything together.

"Do you smell smoke? It's likely that only Grahm is preparing the grill," Bethesda's Inside the Vault post was published. "By the end of this month, you can expect a new seasonal event that will gather the people around Appalachia. to face the summer heat with everyone's favorite Supermutant, his best friend, Chally the moo-moo, and now, Chally is not on the menu.

The rewards will be handed out during the event, but we still know what will be done when players can start acquiring them. However, those details related to the rewards and the start date of the entire event will be shared soon, said Bethesda.

In our latest edition of Inside The Vault, we are preparing for patch 11 and some summer fun we have planned # Fallout76 this month

Here is the last one; https://t.co/70vSZd6hXx pic.twitter.com/tjZOaUxan1

– Bethesda Game Studios (@BethesdaStudios) July 11, 2019

"To organize a big party, Grahm is going to need a little help from his human friends and to build many of you will make an appearance and a hand," the post continued. "Of course, you will be pleasantly rewarded if your success is successful." Watch for more details, including the start date of the event, a little later this month.

Earlier that event is the next update that has already been released recently. Patch 11 will fall on July 16, according to the same post, and will bring changes for several systems, such as how food is spoiled and how some aspects of Power Armor work. Players have already seen the previews of some of these features before the release of the update.


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