Fallout 76 Dev encounters a fast-traveling bug in QuakeCon

There are insects, and sometimes they occur at very inconvenient times. During a livestream at QuakeCon for Fallout 76’s new update, A Colossal Problem, the player faced a massive problem well when he tried to travel fast in the MMORPG game.

Associate community manager Devan McCarthy A Colossal Problem Boss was leading the event when the incident occurred. At one point, she travels fast, and treats a common bug where there is no trip and you have to re-input your destination. McCarthy shuts it down and everything continues as usual, but it is clear that the mess happened in the first attempt.

Players have been facing this particular bug for some time, yet frustrated at the lack of fixes. When coming through Reddit, you’ll find posts as a recent month-old venting annoyance, and discuss it as one of the most annoying bugs in RPG games. Fallout 76 does not have the best reputation, and why is this Hammer home-like moment. Thankfully, the rest of the stream went without a hitch, if you want a deeper dive into the content of A Colossal Problem.

This update is the final in the summer quarter of Fallout 76 in Bethesda’s roadmap. In another QuakeCon At Home panel, the developers confirmed that full mod support was on the way.

You can see the small, but quite lively, mess here:

In addition to several livestreaming events this weekend, we had the announcement of a first DLC of Apocalypse Eternal, some music by metal composer Matt Haffey’s Apocalypse, and a concrete Doctrine on a mysterious Doom Eom Easter Egg.