Falcon and Winter Soldier ends with MCU’s new Captain America

Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the MCU, says that Phase 4’s Captain America will be put in front of audiences by the end of the Disney + miniseries.

Falcon and Winter Soldier It will reveal who will command Captain America by the end of the series. The upcoming Disney + series follows the anonymous duo played by Anthony McKay and Sebastian Stein as they travel the world to counter the anarchist flag-smashers. The show is part of a new chapter for MCU, which matches the quality of production of films in a limited series on Disney’s own beam. After the events The Avengers: Endgames, The series concerns Chris Evans’ Captain America colleagues and friends.

At the end of the film, Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, accepts Cap’s iconic shield from an aging Steve Rogers, apparently accepting his blessing as his successor. While it appears to be a clean and passionate transition from one captain to another, Evans has been talked about returning as a patriot super-soldier. Mackey, for one, is more and more happy to see her back. Perhaps it won’t be so easy to fill Captain America’s shoes yet.

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Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, McKay revealed that the new Captain America will be named until the end Falcon and Winter Soldier. Although it may not be an easy ride, “Where the shield is about to end“The primary concern of the series. Mackey won’t say who will receive the mantle and the answer may not be who we expect. See his full quote below:

At the end of Endgame, Sam did not accept the shield. If you remember, he said to Steve, “It doesn’t feel right because this shield belongs to you.” So, you know, this show is a long way from going to be Captain America. Where the shield is about to end, and if Captain America, if it is going to come back to Muniker and someone has caught that Munikar again.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Batter

Mackey has previously raised doubts about whether the Falcons will be the next Captain America. Although he seems to accept the shield EndgameThe responsibility of becoming a symbol of America is a great one. Falcon and Winter Soldier The debut of Marvel Hero US Agent, a super-soldier originally engineered by the government to replace Steve Super. The flag-smashers may not have been the only organization working against their desire to pass the shield to the Falcons.

Apparently, McKay knows everything happening on stage 4 and is excited to see how fans react to everything that is coming. As the old heroes embark on their journey or bow their heads, new blood fills the Avengers, and new leaders will move towards the challenge. Just beginning as a new multi-film epic, Disney + series like Hawkeye And Falcon and Winter Soldier Would explain the rise of completely new heroes and successors to the old.

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Source: Rich Engine Show via YouTube

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