Faheem Saleh: Leading tech entrepreneur finds ‘professional’ murder reduction in his NYC luxury condo

A 33-year-old tech entrepreneur was involved in a grisly murder at his multi-million-dollar luxury apartment in Manhattan, New York, with some last-minute signs of CCTV capture.

The body of Faheem Saleh, the successful founder of several startups and the son of Bangladeshi immigrants, was allegedly discovered by her sister on Tuesday when she came to check on her brother, whom she had not seen in a day.

According to New York Daily News, M. Saleh’s body was found near an electric saw and a contractor’s bag. He was released, his limbs severed from the torso, which police sources said New york post As a “professional” murderer.

A second person can be seen on surveillance video on the elevator of the building after Mr. Saleh Daily News, Donating a suit, hat, gloves and face mask. A source told the newspaper: “There was a suitcase near the perimeter. He was very professional. “

Mr. Saleh can be seen in the video allegedly walking on the floor outside the elevator where his apartment was located before falling to the ground. It was not immediately clear what caused the victim’s fall.

Neighbors said they saw the two women coming to the apartment after the murder as “hysterical” and “disbelieving” before leaving them with detectives. Mr. A medium-sized dog was also taken from Saleh’s apartment.

The 33-year-old was the CEO of Gokadang, a motorcycle-sharing app in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as a founding partner in Adventure Capital. He also co-founded a ride company called Patao in Nepal and Bangladesh, and formerly served as CEO of KickBack Apps, which included several phone-pranking apps such as “PrankDial” and “Prankpad”.

His LinkedIn described him as “finding good people, dodging oncoming traffic, and the value of the building”.

In a statement confirming his death, Gokra wrote in a statement: “We are deeply saddened to inform you of the sudden and tragic loss of our founder and CEO, Faheem Saleh.”

Pato co-founder Hussain M. Elias said in a Bangladesh statement about Mr. Saleh Daily star: “Faheem believed in technology’s ability to change lives in Bangladesh and beyond.”

He said: “He saw promise in us when we had a common purpose and a common vision. He was, and always will be, an incredible inspiration for Patao and our entire ecosystem. “

Police have not yet released a motive in the murder. A press official for the NYPD did not immediately return a request for comment.