Factory explosion near Iran’s capital kills two in latest explosion | News

Two people died Tuesday in an explosion at a factory in southern Tehran, the latest in a series of fires and explosions, some of which have affected sensitive sites.

The state news agency IRNA reported that “human error” was the cause of the explosion.

“Two people died and three others were injured,” said local official Amin Babai, adding that the explosion occurred in “an industrial zone” in Baqershahr, 23 km (14 miles) from the capital.

“The explosion caused by the negligent handling of some workers by the oxygen tanks … was so powerful that the walls of a nearby factory were also completely destroyed,” Babai said.

Babai said firefighters were on the scene shortly after the explosion and “prevented more fires and explosions.”

“The explosion … was so powerful that the walls of the nearby Saipapress factory were also totally destroyed,” Babai said, without giving details of the factory’s function.

The fire at the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran caused significant damage

The incident took place inside the Oxijen factory at 3:03 am local time (22:33 GMT Monday), an emergency services spokesperson told AFP news agency.

‘Great Satan’

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization on Tuesday denied “false accusations by counter-revolutionary elements in the media of an explosion” at another nuclear plant in Ardakan, some 450 kilometers southeast of Tehran.

“Nothing happened” at the yellow cake production plant, it said in a statement.

The rumors aim to create “despair” and support the “maximum pressure of Great Satan” campaign. [the United States]”against Iran, the atomic energy agency said.

Last Thursday, a fire broke out in a ground-level building at Natanz’s underground facility in Iran, the centerpiece of Iran’s uranium enrichment program, which authorities say caused significant damage.

The UN nuclear agency released a photo of a building apparently damaged by a fire in Natanz, with the doors hanging from the hinges after they appeared to have been ejected.

On Friday, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council announced that the “cause of the accident” in Natanz had been “precisely determined.” He declined to give further details, citing security reasons.

Also last week, 19 people died in an explosion at a medical clinic in northern Tehran, which an official said was caused by a gas leak.

On June 26, an explosion occurred in eastern Tehran, near the Parchin military and weapons development base, which authorities say was caused by a leak from a gas storage facility in an area outside the base. .