Fact-checking Biden tries to distance himself from Green New Deal

“No, I don’t support the Green New Deal,” Biden said.

“Oh, don’t you? Oh, well, that’s a big statement,” Trump interrupted.

“I support the Biden plan, which I put forward,” Biden said, “which (Trump) is different from the ‘Radical’ Green New Deal.”

After praising GND’s “framework”, Biden’s campaign webpage on the environment revealed the bullet points of Biden’s own plan to tackle climate change, including building energy-efficient infrastructure and reaching zero-emissions for the US The goal is to include. By 2050.

While the two plans overlap on some environmental objectives, Biden’s plan does not include as many social welfare proposals as GND. For example, Biden is not asking for a guaranteed job with family and medical leave for every American and paid holidays as proposed by GND.

In other ways, proposals are dramatically less varied. Biden’s plan aims to create a carbon pollution-free energy sector by 2035, while GND proposes to reach 100% clean power in 10 years.

In a post-debate email blast, the Trump campaign attacked Biden for his comments that “Biden cannot distance himself from his (GND) hug, no matter how much he tries.”

Biden’s answer during the debate is not the first time he has discussed GND. In a March Democratic primary debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Biden said of Sanders’ GND climate proposal, “We disagree in detail about how we do it, but on the principle of creating a green new Do not disagree ”Deal.

On Wednesday, Biden told reporters about the “Green New Deal” that the president wants to talk about, it’s not a bad deal, but I don’t have that plan. This is the Biden Green Deal, that’s what it’s about. “

On Twitter On Tuesday night, Ocasio-Cortez said that Biden does not support the GND “is not news.”

“Our differences are precisely why I joined Biden’s Climate Unity Task Force – so we can set aside our differences and figure out an aggressive climate plan to overcome the planetary crisis on our feet.”

Biden is walking a fine line, but praising the 14-page, non-binding resolution as a “critical framework” is not the same as fully endorsing potential policies and proposals from the Green New Deal.


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