Fact Check: Trump made 10 false and misleading claims about Biden during a North Carolina rally

He went the wrong way after Biden on topics such as gun control, limits, his tax planning and epidemic response. CNN counted at least 10 false or misleading claims made by Trump against his opponent.

Here’s a look at the president’s claims and the facts behind them.

Fact First: Biden’s gun control scheme Does not contain Seizing legally owned weapons but it would be a mandate that those who have weapons of attack either properly register them with the authorities or sell them to the federal government, among other measures.


Trump argued that Biden “wants to eliminate America’s borders.”

Fact First: This is a lie. Biden does not Support an open border policy.

The suburbs

Trump suggested that Biden and the Democrats want to destroy the suburbs.

“They want to destroy your suburbs. You know that,” Trump said.

Fact First: It’s fear mongering lie flat. Obama era housing Rule Trump was pointing out that racial segregation is to be addressed and not to end the suburbs by any means.
It is a replay of Trump’s racial coding since July, when he worked for the 2015 transition to the Obama Housing transformatively advancing Fair Housing, a decade-old federal requirement to eliminate discrimination and segregation in housing. Was aimed at combat.
You can read more about the rules and Trump’s false claims.

oil and gas

Trump argued that Biden promised to end oil and coal production.

“Biden has promised to cease production of American oil, shawls, clean coal, no fracking,” Trump said.

Fact First: Biden said, “We are going to phase out fossil fuels during the primary in September 2019”. But his energy plan does not include a ban on fossil fuels during his presidency.

Biden’s written plan proposes a “new oil and gas ban on public lands and water” and he vows to “establish an enforcement mechanism to achieve net zero emissions no later than 2050” Would require a significant reduction in oil and gas. production.

Biden is not following a proposal to ban fracking (hydraulic fracturing, drilling method used to extract natural gas or oil) altogether. In fact, he stated clearly last week, “I’m not banning fecking.”

However, Trump’s claim has at least some basis: during the Democratic primaries, Biden sometimes suggested that he was proposing to keep everyone from getting furled.

Police funding

Trump claimed that Biden “supports cutting police funding.”

Fact First: Biden has clearly not supported the call to “discredit the police”. He suggested some of the funds could be redirected to social services, mental health counseling and affordable housing, but in July, comments made for one activist, Biden, denied the Federation federal funds to specific police departments Immediately changed its previous proposal to do what is not certain standards.

Looting and assault

According to the president, Biden cheered on the rioters, referring to them as “peaceful protesters”.

Fact First: this is wrong. Biden has Noted correctly Many protesters have been peaceful; He did not argue that violent demonstrators are peaceful. Rather, he is repeatedly Condemned Violence, assault and looting.

Iraq War

Trump said, “Biden voted for the Iraq War.”

Fact First: This requires context.

It is true that Biden voted for the war in 2002, although he admitted a few years later that his vote was a mistake. And while Trump himself claimed to have repeatedly protested before the war began, he became an outspoken opponent of the war, more than a year after the war began.
You can read more about his stance on war here.

To close

“Joe Biden planned to close the blanket would collapse our economy,” Trump said.

Fact First: This is incorrect and needs context. Trump is referring to an interview where Biden was responding to a hypothetical scenario, not proposing a national shutdown.

During an ABC interview on August 21, Biden was asked what he would do if he asked the country to close for the presidency. “I’ll shut it down. I’ll listen to the scientists,” said Biden.

Biden did not suggest that America should be shut down now. Additionally, the President cannot unilaterally close the country. They can offer guidance and take other measures, but states have limited their power to control the restrictions they impose.

You can read the full exchange here.

charter schools

According to Trump, Biden said that “if he went to a charter school he was elected.”

Fact First: This claim about charter schools is an exaggeration.

The Democratic Party platform recommends a ban on benefits for charter schools from receiving federal funds while not eliminating all charter schools. It takes a generally skeptical approach to charter schools, calling for “conditioning federation for new, expanded charter schools, or charter school renewal on the district’s review of whether the charter will systematically serve needy students.” That is not elimination.

“Joe Biden opposes the Trump / DeVos conception of ‘school choice’, which is private school vouchers that will destroy our public schools. He is also for profit and against underperforming charter schools and all charters Believes in holding schools accountable. ” In an email last month, a Biden spokesman said parents did not oppose choosing to send their children to public magnet schools, high-performing public charters or traditional public schools.

Travel to china

“When I banned travel from China, Biden called it hysterical and xenophobic,” Trump claimed.

Fact First: Trump has never suspended all travel from China and it is unclear whether Biden was referring to the time he attacked “Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia.”

Trump’s travel restrictions banned most foreign nationals who were in China within the last 14 days, but exempted US citizens, permanent residents and many family members of both groups. In the months following Trump’s travel ban, flights continued from China and tens of thousands traveled from China to the US.
In a campaign speech in Iowa on the same day on January 31, 31, Biden accused Trump of “xenophobia” that Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced the Trump administration’s travel restrictions on China – but it was unclear whether Biden also knew. The travel ban was at the time, and his campaign states that he was not. Biden took first place on travel restrictions in early April, when he expressed support for her.
On January 31, Biden stated that “this is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia – and fear of horrors to lead the way instead of science.” But he did not specifically mention travel restrictions in that address.

Biden Tax Plan

After claiming that 2021 would be one of the best years financially, Trump said “until the wrong person goes in and quadruples everyone’s taxes.”

Fact First: Trump is falsely describing Biden’s plan to raise taxes. Biden’s plan would increase taxes for people over $ 400,000 per year. They have promised not to raise taxes for the low-tax makers, although they can see the impact through their plan to raise the top corporate tax rate.