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Facebook’s Sandberg claims capital riots are mostly held on other social media platforms

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said on Monday that last week’s deadly US Capitol riots were mainly conducted on other social media platforms.

“We again took QAnon, Proud Boys, Stop the Steel, whatever it was talking about possible violence last week,” Sandberg said during a flowing interview with Reuters, CNBC noted.

“Our enforcement is never perfect, so I’m sure there were still things on Facebook,” Sandberg said. “I think these programs were largely organized on platforms that lack our ability to curb hate, don’t have our standards and don’t have transparency.”

Many lawmen and critics have questioned why law enforcement and other officials were not more prepared for the riots when the events had already been heavily publicized. Supporters of President TrumpDonald Trumphouse asks members to quit spreading lies on GOP leader riot, Antifa DC’s Attorney General says Trump Organization paid K bill incurred during the inauguration of the suspended 70K QAnon Twitter account in the wake of the Capitol riot. He attacked the Capitol on Wednesday after speaking to him, after delaying presidential-election certification Joe BidenJoe BidenCapitol Police Confirms Investigations of Certain Officers’ Behavior During Riot GOP Lawmakers Tell Trump Trump Has Some Responsibility for Capital RiotWin of.

A site that asserts itself as a “free speech” social network, Peller has faced intense backlash. It has been removed from Apple and Google’s App Store. Amazon has also stopped hosting the site on its web service, essentially knocking Parler offline.

During an interview with Reuters, Sandberg also stated that Facebook “had no plans” to lift the ban on Trump’s accounts. His accounts were banned until at least the presidential-election Joe Biden inauguration the following week.

Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account last week and removed the tweets he made later from the @POTUS Twitter account, stating that users were not allowed to avoid the ban with another account. Trump supporter Dalit group R / DonaldTrump was also taken down last week.

When interviewed on Monday, Sandberg was also asked about his future with the company, with reports last year that he was pushed aside as founder Mark zuckerbergMark Elliot Zuckerberg Helicon Valley: Twitter Permanently Suspends Michael Flynn, Sydney Powell and Others Laptop Stolen From Pelosi’s Office During Capital Riots | Reddit r / DonaldTrump forum Manchin urged Twitter to suspend ‘Trump’ account in the interest of our national security and public safety ‘Hillicon Valley: Facebook has extended Trump’s suspension until at least inauguration day. Trump deleted the tweet leading to a Twitter lockout. The federal judiciary likely compromised as part of the SolarWinds hack. Played more roles with the company and its relationship with MPs.

Sandberg said she was living with the company and loved her job.

“People make headlines about corporate drama, and I think it’s fair to say that they are particularly in the spotlight about sidelining women, but I feel fortunate enough to do this job.” he said.


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