Facebook’s line of PC-only VR headsets ends when Rift S stocks run out

If you’re committed to the idea of ​​virtual reality headsets that work only when connected to a powerful PC, your chances of snagging an Oculus Rift S are running out. The headset that Devindra Hardawar said “seems practically irrelevant” is out of stock at her own store and on Amazon, while Facebook says UploadVR in a statement that “in general terms, as the channels are exhausted, they will not be replenished in the future.”

The $ 299 Oculus Quest 2 VR headset that launched last year brought improved hardware that could work independently or with a PC via Oculus Link, and at the time Facebook confirmed that development of PC-only headsets had been completed. . That means the Oculus Rift line that fueled this veneration for VR hardware is coming to an end, though the spirit will still live on. The reason is explained by what John Carmack told us in 2019, that the Rift S and Quest releases served as an A / B test to find out which approach could bring VR to the mainstream, a question that consumers answered to the largely opt for Search.

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