Facebook’s future as Tickcock rival Chinese company in limbo

Facebook Inc. on Wednesday announced its option for the popular teen social-media app TickTalk, when its Chinese corporate boss’s future is in limbo.
Instagram Reels Unveiled A Long Facebook FB Continues,
Tradition to roll out popular features by competing platforms such as Snap Inc. SNAP
And making them available to billions of Facebook users to gain market share worldwide. In the case of reels, it includes a video distribution algorithm similar to TicketLock that allows consumers to watch the most popular videos at the moment.

The key, killer feature is the ability to create 15-second videos with editing tools embedded into Instagram’s camera.
“Facebook has a mixed track record when it comes to copying features from other companies. Many of its efforts have failed over the years, ”said e-market analyst Debra Aho Williamson. “Instagram did it very well with Stories, which it copied from Snapchat. I believe Instagram has an equal opportunity with Reels, but it is not a guaranteed success. ”

In ordinary times, the prospect of diving into the shallow end of Facebook’s pool would be daunting, but social-networking Onyx is of least concern to ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TeakTalk. This is not only increasing the potential sales of its operations to Microsoft Corporation MSFT in the US and many other countries.
But bear the wrath of the Trump administration.
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President Donald Trump said on Monday that he is ready to approve a deal, but only if the US government receives a sale price cut.
This caused opposition from lawyers, who said that there was no precedent for such a request. James Lewis, senior vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, told MarketWatch. “Certainly we will not cut the deal”. Lewis said. “It’s not just how it works.” The government does not cut any deal.
Facebook and Microsoft shares remained flat in afternoon trading on Wednesday.


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