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Facebook wants to hire 800 people for the new headquarters in London



Views of the new Facebook office at Rathbone Place in London.

Ben Lister / AP / Facebook

Facebook opened its new headquarters in London on Monday with the announcement that it will create 800 new jobs in the United Kingdom.

The new office is located right next to Oxford Street, the central commercial center of the British capital, and incorporates the first a start incubator called LDN_LAB.

"Today's announcements show that Facebook is more committed than ever to the United Kingdom and supports the growth of the country's innovative startups," said Nicola Mendelsohn, vice president of Facebook for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"The booming entrepreneurial ecosystem of the United Kingdom and the international reputation for excellence in engineering make it one of the best places in the world to build a technology company."

New employees will bring the Facebook Facebook count to 2,300 people by the end of 2018. More than half of the staff working in the new office will focus on engineering, becoming the company's largest engineering center outside the US UU The opening of the new office marks the tenth anniversary of the presence of the social networking giant in the United Kingdom.

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"It's great to see a world-leading company like Facebook continue to invest in the renowned technological ecosystem of London, despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit," said Julian David, CEO of techUK, British technological industry. promotional body. "The message is clear: London is open and technology is the standard bearer."

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