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Facebook to notify users if the data was shared with Cambridge Analytica


Cambridge Analytica has been accused of collecting data on profiles of millions of people without their consent. The company worked on Facebook ads with the campaign of President Donald Trump, but argues that the data was not used during the elections in the United States. The Cambridge Analytica CEO, Alexander Nix, was caught by the camera saying that the company executed all the digital operations for the Trump campaign.

University of Cambridge scholar Aleksandr Kogan and his company Global Science Research (GSR) used the "This Is Your Digital Life" test application to collect data about users. That information was then shared with Cambridge Analytica, something the company has admitted. However, he said that he deleted all the data obtained through GSR after discovering that the latter had breached the data regulations. Cambridge Analytica denies any wrongdoing.

Last week, Facebook revealed that 87 million user data could have been compromised as a result of the data scandal, and that most people on the platform may have had their public profile scraped. Scraping data is a means of extracting data from a website with a computer program.

According to Facebook, more than 70 million users whose data may have been incorrectly shared with Cambridge Analytica are in the US. UU., With 1 million affected in each of the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify in a congressional hearing on Wednesday. Zuckerberg refused to appear before a select committee of the United Kingdom, but lawmakers have reiterated calls for the co-founder of the social network billionaire evidence.

A Canadian firm linked to Cambridge Analytica, AggregateIQ, has been accused by complainants of breaching spending limits during the Brexit referendum and balancing the vote through deceptive tactics. The company was recently suspended by Facebook.

On Sunday, Wylie said data from Facebook users could be stored in Russia and in other parts of the world.

CNBC also reported that day that another data badysis firm, CubeYou, had used tactics similar to Cambridge Analytica to share user information. The company, which gathered information about Facebook users through questionnaires, tricked people into saying that their questionnaires would be used for non-profit academic research, only to then sell that data to marketing specialists. Facebook removed CubeYou from the platform after being informed of its activities by CNBC.


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