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Facebook Removes Full-Page Newspaper Ads to Attack Apple’s iOS Privacy Changes

Facebook today attacked Apple in a series of full-page newspaper advertisements, stating that iOS 14’s privacy changes about collecting data and targeted advertising are bad for small businesses (via) Bloomberg).

Ads running new York Times, Wall Street Journal, And Washington PostUse the title, “We stand for Apple everywhere for small businesses.”

Earlier this year, Apple introduced a number of privacy changes that curbed the ability of companies like Facebook to collect data on users and target ads. On December 14, Apple created an “identifier for advertisers”, which is used by Facebook and its advertising partners for ad targeting, an opt-in feature that provides greater transparency for users through apps and Would not like to keep an eye on websites. The update only asks users if they want to agree to ad tracking or can stop cross-app and cross-site tracking to provide targeted ads.

‌IOS 14 also has a prominent “tracking” section in the privacy section of the Settings app, where users can disable the option for apps to be tracked completely. Even if the feature is discontinued, apps should still seek permission to track users on apps and websites owned by other companies, a blow to the silent ad-related tracking that is running behind the ad.

Facebook has previously warned that Apple’s changes will increase difficulties, not only for its business model, but also for small businesses that use its platform to advertise. Facebook claims that ads displayed without personal targeting generate 60 percent less sales than ads that target consumers.

Apple responded to the criticisms after delaying the rollout of the new privacy measures, accusing Facebook of clarifying its intentions to “develop both its first and third-party products to develop and demonetize detailed profiles of its users.” In order to collect as much data as possible, and ignore “user privacy continues to expand to include more of its products. “

Full-page advertisements are the latest salvo in the rapidly growing tension between companies. Facebook has been heavily critical of Apple in recent months, supporting the company’s App Store policies, “strangling as a gatekeeper” and fee structure. It has also reiterated accusations of anti-Semitic conduct on Apple, such as preventing Messenger from being selected as the default on iOS.

With iOS 14.3, Apple introduced the App Store Privacy Label, which clearly indicates to users how data is collected by apps they can choose to download. Last week, Facebook-owned WhatsApp protested the App Store privacy label, stating that users could be discouraged from using its app.


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