Facebook is testing a clubhouse-inspired audio feature called the Hotline

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Facebook Wednesday ran your first hotline public beta test – a web-based question and answer platform that seems like it was dreamed up as the platform’s answer to the current voice chat app mania.

More specifically, Hotline is designed to function as a kind of loving child between Instagram Live and Clubhouse, TechCrunch reports: Creators will target an audience of users, who can then respond by asking questions with text or audio. Unlike the clubhouse, which is strictly a audio-only platform – Direct line the users have the option to turn on their cameras during events, adding a visual element to an experience that would otherwise be dominated by voice.

The hotline is currently being developed by Facebook’s NPE team, which handles the development of experimental applications within the company, and is being led for Eric Hazzard, who created the question and answer app focused on positivity, by the way Facebook acquiresuired before swinging hotline.

TO The public livestream of the app’s functionality on Wednesday was led by real estate investor Nick Huber, who spoke about industrial real estate as a second source of income, which should give you a pretty good idea about exactly what kind of creators The hotline will attempt to connect once it is active. The close watchers of the stream You have noticed that the Hotline interface looks a lot like Clubhouse, in that the speaker icon it sits above or astride an “audience”, which is populated by listeners whose profiles appear below the live feed (in the desktop version, the audience is off to the side).

Where the application differs from Clubhouse is in its functionality for members of the “audience”, who will see the questions they ask appear in a list at the top of the broadcast that other users can choose from. vote for or against. The creator will also have the option to attract listeners to “deerme” area to bring them together in a round trip, which will be somewhat closer to Zoom in the wild than its audio-only ancestors.

In a statement Wednesday, Facebook declined to offer specific details on a launch date for Hotline, but said developers have been encouraged to see how the new multimedia functions and formats “continue to help people connect and build community.

“With Hotline, we hope to understand how live, interactive multimedia Q&A can help people learn from experts in areas such as career skills, as well as help those experts develop their businesses,” an the spokesman said.


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