Facebook Instagram enables cross-platform communication between Messenger

Facebook announced on Wednesday that the company plans to enable cross-platform communication between its Messenger and Instagram apps to allow users to connect with each other in an easy way.

With the update, the company hopes to “radically connect” friends and family across the two platforms in which users are able to use either app to send messages and engage in video calls.

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People using the Messenger app will be able to reach a user without the need to download a new app on Instagram, and vice versa, Facebook wrote in a Wednesday post.

Users will also be able to manage whether message requests go to their chat list, their message request folder, or whether they receive them at all.

Despite the update, messages and calls from users who use Instagram will still remain in the user’s Instagram app, Facebook said.

After assuming that users send more than 100 billion messages to their friends and family each day on Messenger, the company decided to “bring some of the best messenger features to Instagram – so that you have the best messaging experience,” No matter what app you use. ”

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Citing previous research, the company found that one in three people using Messenger noted that previous conversations are difficult to remember.

The company says the purpose of this update is to prevent further confusion and to help users “remain unsuspecting about using an app.”

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The company is also adding 10 new features as part of the update, including “Watch Together”, which allows users to watch trending videos with friends on IGTV during a video call.

Instagram users can decide whether to receive updates or not. The company plans to roll out updates on both apps in some countries before global expansion.

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