Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) – Meet Triller, the Tickcock-rival who ranks top in 80 countries

Tiktok’s US operation may close in 45 days and some users are already coming to the currently top-ranked app called Triller.

Number one app: Triller tops Apple iOS rankings in 80 countries, CEO Mike Lu said on CNBC. As such, now the app is being downloaded more often than TicTalk, Instagram, YouTube and others.

Triller wants Tiktok users and rival apps to offer “safe locations where their user data and information is not breached.” At the same time, they have access to an app supported by leading technology that helps them express themselves and their content.

Creating Content: The social media landscape moved away from people “simply updating their status” in simple terms to create content with scripts.

But the competitive landscape is only intensified with reels, Instagram’s new feature. Still, Lu said he is not worried Facebook inc (Nasdaq: FB) tried and failed to conquer the short video space with an app called Lasso.

“The Lasso Triller and Tickcock were a direct copy of what was, but they could not identify, the sense of what they are trying to create,” he said.

He added that Facebook’s new TickTalk rival named Reels is actually “buried” inside Instagram. As such, the market will soon come to know that it is not a new product, but a mere extension of Instagram.

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