Facebook could be facing a record fine for privacy violations

After a nearly one-year investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the watchdog is now ready to impose an unprecedented fine on Facebook. The research refers to Cambridge Analytica's personal user data.

In 2012, an agreement was made between Facebook and the FTC after a complaint in 2011 regarding the privacy rights that users have on the site. The agreement reached between the two required Facebook to give users the option to share their data with third parties. However, following the revelation of Cambridge Analytica's use of the personal data of around 87 million users, without their permission, the FTC again opened an investigation into the company.

Now, almost a year later, and it seems that the investigation is coming to an end and that Facebook could be facing the biggest fine ever awarded by the FTC. The conclusions and the exact value of the fine have not yet been finalized, and the process could be delayed due to the closure of the current government.

However, the fine is expected to be considerably larger than the current record, the $ 22.5 million issued to Google in 2012 for violating an agreement with the FTC in which it misrepresented the location of tracking cookies in Apple's Safari browser. .

Since Cambridge Analytica's history was broken, it was also discovered that Facebook is sharing data with banks, television manufacturers and other important companies, so more fines could be imposed.

Source: Washington Post

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