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Facebook asks users to rate the reliability of news stores so they can take out the trash

Facebook made an announcement a week ago and said it was ready to make some important changes in the way it handles News Feed. These changes were welcomed by most users, but the social network does not stop there. Facebook is now asking users to help ensure that the news you see in your feed comes from quality sources.


This is what Facebook says is the second major update that it will undertake this year to make sure it consumes high quality content. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote: "Last week I announced a major change to encourage meaningful social interactions with family and friends about passive consumption, as a result you will see less public content, including news, videos and brand publications. After this change, we expect the news to represent approximately 4% of the news, from around 5% today, this is a big change, but the news will always be a critical way for people to start conversations about important issues. "

In a publication on change, Zuckerberg admits that there is too much "sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in today's world". It also says that social networks help people spread information more quickly, and if it does not help solve misinformation problems, social networks amplify the problem.

Zuckerberg wrote: "The difficult question we have struggled with is how to decide which news sources are widely trusted in a world with so much division, we could try to make that decision ourselves, but that is not something that makes us feel We thought about asking external experts, which would take away the decision, but it probably would not solve the problem of objectivity, or we could ask you, the community, and have your comments determine the classification. "

The way this will work is that Facebook will ask users if they are familiar with a news source and if they trust that source. "The idea is that some news organizations are only trusted by their readers or observers, and others are widely trusted in society, even by those who do not follow them directly. (We remove those who are not familiar with a source from the sample. , therefore, the result is a proportion of those who trust the source and those who are familiar with it.), "Zuckerberg wrote.

The final result of this second phase of the Facebook plan will not be a change in the amount of news seen in the social network, but a change in the balance of what is seen towards the sources that the community. Facebook notes that publishers may see a decrease in distribution or an increase depending on how the community sees the source. Facebook says it will work on these efforts for the rest of 2018.

Zuckerberg wrote: "My hope is that this update on trusted news and last week's update on meaningful interactions will help make Facebook's time take advantage: where we are strengthening our relationships, participating in active conversations instead of passive consumption, and, when we read news, we make sure it is from reliable and high quality sources. "

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