Facebook Alpha APK Download Enhances Overall Stability and Speed


Facebook is the only app in the world that managed to surpbad the milestone of having one billion active users. This says something about the premium user experience that Facebook offers and how much of a vital role it plays in everyone’s life. Facebook is the place where people can find and interact with anyone starting with friends and ending with companies.

Facebook Alpha APK

The social platform is packed with tons of features but this is not what makes it special. The reason why Facebook is so successful is because the developers behind it are always striving to improve it with new updates.

The latest update for Facebook brings the app’s build number up to Alpha and it can be downloaded by anyone. However, this is an APK (android package kit) which means that it needs to be manually installed.

Therefore, Facebook fans who are not that knowledgeable when it comes to software are advised to either search for an installation guide or to wait for Facebook to roll out the public version of the update.

What’s New?

Facebook is renowned for putting a high price on user experience and it keeps releasing new update which do exactly that. With that said, this latest APK enhances the app’s overall speed and reliability through clever optimization.

Even though the update doesn’t contain any visual changes and innovative features, Facebook users will find out that faster speeds and improved reliability are equally important.

Moreover, considering how everyone uses Facebook to not only chat with friends but to also communicate with coworkers and other business partners, the app needs to always work flawlessly. This is why the new update is important and Facebook users should be more than happy to receive it.

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