Face Shield vs Mask: Which Improves the Circulation of COVID-19?

Plastic face shield is not likely to be effective in preventing the spread Coronavirus As Cloth Face Mask, Experts believe. COVID-19 as cases Rise in the united states And Worldwide, Doctors continued urging to wear masks in public, observe social disturbances, and wash their hands.

In a recent example, during an outbreak of the virus at a hotel in Switzerland, health officials said employees wearing only the face tested positive, while those wearing masks did not contract it, a local news outlet reported. A guest, who interacted with employees wearing a face shield, also tested positive. A top doctor in the country warned that the shield “creates a false sense of security.”

Facial shields may be easier to clean and more comfortable than cloth masks, but they are probably not enough, as coronovirus spreads through micro-respiratory droplets that can easily get around open sides, Dr. Shoshana Ungerleader, an internal medicine doctor in San. Francisco, said on CBSN on Monday.

“We know that this virus spreads through tiny tiny particles, and with the sides and bottom of the face open, it can be problematic,” she said.

Railway Museum reopens in Japan
On June 10, 2020, in Saitama, Japan, staff wearing masks and face shields appear at the Railway Museum on the first day of reopening.

Takashi Aoyama / Getty Images

Ungerleider said that shields can add a certain amount of extra protection, but people should prefer wearing masks.

“The fact that they cover the eyes is considered protective, but it is not enough,” she said. “Takeaway is that you should always wear a mask, but if you have a face shield, you need to wear it with your mask.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given similar guidance.

“It is not known if the face shield provides any benefit in the form of source control to protect others from breath particles,” the agency says. “The CDC does not recommend the use of facial shields for normal everyday activities or as an alternative to masks.”

In addition to wearing masks, the CDC recommends maintaining a social distance of at least six feet with others, washing hands frequently and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.

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