Exxon’s new climate plan is uncontrolled garbage

The protesters opened fire with tires and blocked access to the Exxon Mobil Refinery in France.  It is also a metaphor for how Exxon treats the environment.

The protesters opened fire with tires and blocked access to the Exxon Mobil Refinery in France. It is also a metaphor for how Exxon treats the environment.
Photo: Carly Tribelleau (Getty Images)

in March, Exxon CEO Darren Woods whispers That Other oil companies who drafted climate plans were busy with “beauty matches”. Now, Exxon has a climate plan of its own. But it is the ugliest and most crazed of the herd because it doesn’t really say anything about reducing emissions.

Now, to be fair to Woods, it is very easy to criticize the climate plans of other oil companies. We Do it all It’s time! The difference is, Ethar is not a ruthless, multinational corporation dedicated to reducing competition Gross human rights violation, And Lying to the public To woo our business and bottom line.

For Exxon to pretend like a kind-hearted man to talk about the death merchants of his fellow planets, the death penalty is rich. But now it seems that Exxon has come around The PR value of formulating a climate plan. On Monday, it Dropped a sight To humanize the biosphere. While other oil companies have said that they will reach some distance –With a target of net-zero emissions by 2050, Exxon is here to tell you that it focuses on “meaningful near-term emission reduction”. But the catch is that the plan includes zero reductions in emissions.

Rather, it calls for reducing emissions The intensity 15% to 20% in its operations by 2025, which is completely negative from its plan to increase oil production. It also includes methane targets that again focus on reducing intensity rather than overall emissions. As long as they are low intensity, the axon gives the wiggling room to keep its emission on the ramp. And plans to do this, according to Documents viewed by Bloomberg leaked In October. They say that will result in Exxon’s business plan 17% increase in total carbon emissions. This is equivalent to someone who is lactose-intolerant chewing a gallon Half-and-half instead of glass Of Heavy cream and masquerade which is somehow better for them and the people around them.

Half of Exxon’s pledge in the mainline also focuses on “upstream” operations – everything from getting oil out of the ground to getting it Refinery –One-fifth of the total emissions tied to a barrel of oil that account. Most emissions come downstream from the transportation and use of the said oil, a part of the emissions known as scopes in oil spheres. 3. If we want to maintain the dairy analogy, scope 3 emissions are as follows. Carbon Pollution Butter. Exon doesn’t offer a reduction in intensity even on those emissions. Rather, it is “providing scope 3 emissions.” So Exxon’s plan is to keep your throat down and shake the butter vigorously and ask that you not stop eating it.

Methane intensity reduction- targets include intensity dips of 40% to 50% and low flow intensities of 35% to 45% by 2025. Oil companies, including Exxon Begged donald Like Not to rollback regulations to limit methane emissions because it could harm natural gas’s reputation as a cleaner of fossil fuels. President-elect Joe Biden repeatedly said he would crack down on the powerful greenhouse gas, and it featured prominently in his climate plan. In short, Exxon is committed to something that is almost certainly going to happen anyway. And then, the decreased intensity does not decrease Actually reduced production.

Clear indication Exxon’s plan is a cheap PR stunt exactly how it is presented. The page has beautiful pictures of the Eiffel Tower symbolizing the Paris Agreement and some blurry pictures of people walking in Central Park amidst the green grass — this Standard pelbum for this type of thing. But the real tip is a little share icon for every section, with Exxon indicating that it is a message that will be very much liked in the world. Click them, and you can post the following on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page:

“Based on the success of current efforts to reduce methane emissions and flaring, and supports the goals of the Paris Agreement”

It is a word salad of blurred words, meaning links with the plan of nothing. FITNESS, the Twitter share option does not include that link back, however, because Exxon can’t even be bothered to care. Exxon Lied about climate change Is the largest for decades and historically Investor-owned source of emissions And this Third biggest reason Of acidification of the sea. This is not a company that does anything in harmony.

The final insult comes from Woods himself. In quoting a bridge in the climate plan, he noted that “we respect and support society’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050,” something that Exxon explicitly states in its plan There will be no participation. This is the Big Oil version. Thoughts and Prayers. And if this plan is the best axon, then we can need those thoughts and prayers Until policymakers take meaningful steps to reduce oil production, protect workers, and keep companies like Exxon.


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