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Extreme depth: explorers map B.C. cave thinks it’s deeper in Canada

FERNIE, B.C. – A member of a team of explorers has reached a record depth in a cave near Fernie, BC, which is believed to be the deepest in Canada.

So far, the cave has been measured at 5.3 kilometers in length and 670 meters in depth. – More than 200 floors below ground.

Project leader Jeremy Bruns puts it in perspective by pointing out that the CN Tower in Toronto measures just over 550 meters.

The group led by Calgary began to explore the plateau of Mount Bisaro in 2012 and has made approximately 10 expeditions.

Team leader Katie Graham recently reached the 670 meter mark, but had to dive through a channel to do so.

Bruns says it's fascinating that a large part of the plateau was left to explore and the cave could descend up to a kilometer.

During the expeditions, the explorers are taken to the plateau by helicopter, since it would be too tiring to upload all their equipment. They have withstood the harsh conditions: camping underground, withstanding temperatures just above the freezing point and relying on the headlights in complete darkness.

"Reaching this milestone is really exciting," Graham said. "We know there's a lot more cave there, this is not the end."

He said that the explorers have experienced "twists and turns and have lowered huge wells that we never imagined".

His immersion in the depths was "exciting, but short" and very cold. Somehow you stayed wanting to see more.

"That's just going to bother me until I can go back there."

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