Extraterrestrial buildings & # 39; represented on the moon & # 39; in images from NASA


NASA photos prove that there are buildings on the Moon that are occupied by alien life forms, according to a conspiracy theory of the demented.

The YouTube space enthusiast – Streetcap1 – has been rummaging through the files of the space agency and has released a video of its findings.

Affirms that a series of protuberances in the images demonstrate "intelligent design" since they are occupied by humans or extraterrestrials and are evidence of mining.

The Scotsman told Express.co.uk: "I could be wrong but it shows right angles and evidence of intelligent design."

The surface of Mars: could these images show that LIFE exists on the Red Planet?

These images published by NASA show the surface of Mars have been nibbled by attackers and truth seekers looking for telltale signs that water once flowed on the Red Planet, which would mean that extraterrestrial life could have flowered there


  Four geological layers to be examined by the mission and higher reaches of M Ount Sharp beyond the planned study area NASA

layers to be examined by the mission, and the upper reaches of Mount Sharp beyond the planned study area

"I think there are people on the moon, or who have been in the past."

He continued: "I have found a lot of evidence. to mining works with trails and machines digging on the lunar surface.

"I have not made videos of these though.

  NASA images show an alien test in Moon claims conspiracist GETTY / NASA [19659016] THEORY: A conspiracyist claims that NASA images prove that the aliens are on the Moon

"Then, in response to your question, they are mining the moon in search of metals, perhaps. As for food / water, I think they would have that covered. "

Your video showing the images has already gathered almost 60,000 views since it was published less than a week ago.

In the description, it says:" He decided Go back to what I am best and stop the NASA attacks.

Caverns on the dark side of the moon: home of FOREIGNERS?

The moon has a network of huge caverns on its surface, it is believed to be lava tubes NASA has declared that these could harbor the first moon base, but could they be the home of extraterrestrials?


  & # 39; Skylights & # 39; to the lava tubes reveal huge caves, hundreds of meters wide NASA

& # 39; Skylights to the lava tubes reveal huge caves, hundreds of meters wide

"This is from one of his photographs of Unmanned Lunar Orbiter taken last year around December.

" It seems a kind of building. The scale is 0.56 meters / pixel. Then it is huge. SC1. "

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