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Extinction Review – A giant troll



April 10, 2018

Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Publisher Modus Games

Developer Iron Galaxy [19659007] Have fans of the game Attack on Titan been waiting for extinction? It seems that the popular anime and manga franchise was designed specifically to inspire videogames – it has action, tower defense and massive bosses with incredibly specific weaknesses – and we still have to get that definitive AoT game. One or two decent, but nothing really great.

The extinction developer Iron Galaxy (Divekick, Killer Instinct) insists that his game and Attack on Titan are "quite different", but the influence is clear. You play like a warrior with a hook who defends walled cities of giant monsters that are vulnerable in the back of the neck. Come on. So, does Extinction do the right thing to kill the giants, or does the game deserve to be trampled?

  extinction_climbing Related The story mode of extinction lasts 12 hours; the developers address compares compatibility, does not confirm the PS4 Pro / XB1X compatibility

The extinction takes place in a fantasy world riddled with giant ogres creatures called the Ravenii, who are bent on destroying humanity. You play as Avil, one of the last representatives of the Sentinels, an order of soldiers who fought against the Ravenii in times past. Why can not all the right people rush to join the Sentinels now that the big green bastards are back? The game finally serves a reason, but the explanation is quite silly. The extinction story is the standard swamp fantasy fare, mostly through dry text boxes. animated scenes, but mostly serve as a prelude to the ma in history and do not have much to do with any of the missions you'll play.

Visually, Extinction is nothing special: it looks like a remastered PS2 game or a cheap mobile title that has been transferred to consoles. The imposing Ravenii add some surprise, but the problems of frame rate that arise when you fight against them (especially when brutes tread the buildings) are less impressive. From the point of view of the audio, the soundtrack of the game is very scarce, and the garrulous heads that appear during the missions to offer suggestions, warnings and updates of plots can take you to the limit.

  dhiqyfrqnumkzeoy4j9n Related Extinction of practical preview – Attack On Ogre

Avil is an agile avatar, able to tie and hold onto rooftops, glide through the air and effortlessly climb almost anything. Playing as a Spider-Man fantasy can be fun, but the game rarely gives you the opportunity to waste your time. The missions are demanding and you are almost always working against the clock in one way or another, which highlights how frustratingly inaccurate the extinguishing controls are. Avil often gets hooked on objects, bounces unpredictably from trees and awnings, and sometimes decides he does not want to climb a particular wall or sweaty Ravenii returns.

Extinction combat with two buttons facilitates sudden movements, but do not expect much depth. Switch between fast and long presses of the attack button to take combos and press the dodge button when an enemy is preparing for an attack. That's all about it. The system feels mashy and I do not think that I ever died fighting against the "normal size" henchmen of the game "Jackal". With the exception of the annoying flying enemies that are introduced later in the game, you can end all the grunts by simply sending spam to your favorite combo. Quite disappointing for a developer known for his fighting games.

The main game cycle of Extinction is quite simple. The only way to destroy a Ravenii is to decapitate it with a maximum Rune Strike, which is activated by killing the Jackals and transporting civilians to safety using magic crystals scattered on the map. While you try to boost your death attack, the game tracks what part of the city is still standing: it reaches zero percent and you lose. It is a fine system in theory but critically flawed in execution. Extinction lacks a full-scale map, and the scope of its radar is limited, which makes it difficult to locate those crystals that save citizens. Enemies also appear randomly, so do not rely on them to fill your Rune energy meter. There is no way to plan or play efficiently, you just have to fight and expect to trip over the necessary enemies and crystals. Some of the most difficult missions require that you fail and try again several times, since the mechanical memorization of the crystal locations is the only way you can get through. [AfortunadamentehayunaformadejugarunpocoalsistemaEsposibleatravesarlaarmaduraRaveniiylasextremidadessinunaRuneStrikeactivada(solonecesitasunaparahacerelgolpefinal)DehechopiratearlasarmadurasdeRaveniiylaspartesdelcuerpoesunadelasformasmásrápidasdeconstruirtuEnergíaRúnicaAdemáslasextremidadesdeRaveniiseregeneranporloqueamenudolamejoropciónesevitarelahorrodeciudadanosymataralosgruñidosenlínearectahaciaelRaveniimáscercanoyamputarlelapiernaenlarodillaEstoharáquelosRaveniipermanezcaninmóvileseincapacesdecausarningúndañoycuandosupiernavuelvaacrecersimplementelovuelvesacortarRepitahastaquetengaunmedidordeEnergíaRúnicacompletoypuedasacaralpobreestúpidodesumiseria

Clearly Extinction designers prefer you did not play this way because the game only briefly mentions the destruction of armor / limbs ravenii create your Runic Power. Later in the game, Extinction turns off the feat to cut the knees by giving Ravenii some indestructible leg armor and other new defenses, which only makes the game more frustrating. If you can not paralyze a Ravenii, you must remove it while it is still moving, which is not fun . Trying to hit hard-to-reach weak spots while a Ravenii moves and crashes into buildings is like trying to assemble Ikea furniture in a crowded bouncy castle.

The design of the level of extinction is messy and unforeseen, especially when the tasks of the game are to do something more complex than "kill the Ravenii and save the city". The missions of exploratory platforms of the game are exceptionally bad, although the the worst of the land are the levels generated by procedures. I'm sorry, that's the wrong term: randomly generated is more appropriate, since they're just a mix of arbitrarily placed shit. These random missions represent between 30 and 40 percent of the campaign and, depending on the location of the citizens and the dangers and types of Ravenii that they have to face, they are a walk or almost impossible.

Given how careless the rest of Extinction is, it's perhaps not surprising that the game also has problems like hell. I had the game collapsed at least three times, and more than once I fell inside [Ravenii] when I tried to climb them. And those are just the worst problems I found: getting caught up in things, the behavior of the unstable enemy and the rare framerate stutters are common.

The Extinction campaign consists of seven chapters that you could possibly improve in seven or eight hours. It took me closer to 20, since the difficulty curve of the game is a mess and I kept throwing brick walls in my way. I will persevere through these challenging missions, because, well, it is my job, but I have the feeling that most of the players will not have patience. You can level up your character and eventually master the quirks of Extinction to become an expert Ravenii killer, but once the frustration fades, all you have left is boredom. The side missions of the game and the Extinction and Skirmish modes offer more of the same. The extinction reaches its peak the first time you kill a Ravenii in the first 20 minutes, and from there everything is downhill. Adhere to the current Attack against Titan games.

This revision was based on a copy of PS4 Extinction provided by the Modus Games editor. The game is available for purchase at Amazon.


Extinction presents a handful of decent ideas, but they run with all the precision and grace of Godzilla trampling Tokyo. Buying this careless, ugly, derivative, repetitive, technically inept and unfairly difficult monstrosity guarantees you the ruin of your weekend.


  • Killing your first Ravenii is satisfying
  • You're basically playing like Spider-Man
  • Impressive animated scenes


  • Bland, derived fantasy world
  • Loosey-goosey controls
  • Cheap and dated graphics
  • There is not a decent map
  • Slapdash level design
  • Arbitrary difficulty
  • A confused mess

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